To stand out from the crowd with your jewellery you don’t  need to go for the biggest, costliest precious stone. You can also play it smart by drawing attention to the double ring on your hand, which you can have tailor-made just for you, and wear in a variety of ways. 

Combining rings is an emerging trend that more and more people follow, by wearing stackable rings. Similarly, wearing aneternity ring together with an engagement ring is also all the rage. Find out all you need to know here.

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What is a double ring exactly?

A 'double ring' can be interpreted in different ways. Firstly, as a set of two rings that match but aren't joined. A second possibility is two incorporated rings. The latter is the most exclusive: two rings that have been soldered together to make one; that you wear simultaneously on two fingers.
A two-finger ring really makes a fashion statement
Wearing these special rings takes a little getting used to. This is because you cannot move your two fingers independently of one another. The best way to wear a two-finger ring therefore is on the ring and middle finger of your non-dominant hand.

But if you don't feel up to this, two separate rings on the same finger is always an option, of course.  Be sure to browse our stackable rings collection, although there are other designs to choose from.  You will also find rings that complement each other to perfection in our standard diamond ring collection. You could choose one ring without a diamond that sets the scene and accentuates a second ring, set with a stunning stone.

How can I personalise my unique double ring?

A two-finger ring gives you twice as much scope for your design concept. One fun, romantic idea could be to engrave the ring with a name or unique message. Play around with eccentric or elegant detailing, from flowers and butterflies to other organic elements. Your ring will draw the eye, that's for sure, so there's no need to hold back in terms of impressiveness. Would you prefer to keep things more modest, yet with a touch of elegance? You could set the ring (band) with small diamonds.

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By selecting our tailor made service you can wear personally-designed rings on your hand. Together with our experts you can design a completely tailor made concept. We take your preferences on board and start to design an online 3D model. Following your approval of this model we start making your unique ring.
Woman with stackable rings: separate women's rings at BAUNAT
Finding it hard to choose between your two favourite precious stones or precious metals? If so, stackable rings as a double ring are perfect: you can focus attention on two precious stones, such as  diamond and sapphire, in one hit. And, if you're busy personalising, why not combine platinum with red, white or yellow gold to ensure you stay bang on trend with a two-tone ring?

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How do I combine a double ring?

BAUNAT double ring in white and yellow gold
Ideally, for a double ring that comprises two ring bands that form one piece, choose two different precious metals. For example, opt for a double ring with red gold combined with yellow gold, red gold with white gold or yellow gold with white gold. But platinum is also a viable option too, of course. However, the combination of platinum and white gold is not recommended. The colours of these precious metals are too similar to create a contrasting effect.

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Naturally, you want your unique ring to be the showpiece of your outfit, which is why we advise to tone down your other jewellery. A second ring on the same hand would be too much of a good thing.  If you want to wear a bracelet, a delicate bracelet in the same precious metal as your ring would be perfect. Necklaces and earrings will clash less, but similarly, a statement necklace is best avoided to prevent overkill. Let your double ring steal the show!

Feel free to experiment with different precious stones though. A ruby, emerald or sapphire together with a stunning diamond looks truly amazing.

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Wearing a double ring is more than acceptable then. In the right combination, you are guaranteed a truly fantastic look. Do you know about other ring designs?  Glean all you need to know in the following blogs.
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