The color of diamonds is influenced by the atomic structure of the mineral, but you might be wondering what colors do diamonds come in naturally. A diamond is solely composed of carbon atoms that will be almost colorless. The presence of boron gives a blue color, whereas yellow is caused by the influence of the nitrogen, while the hydrogen gives pink, red and purple. Finally the contact with some retroactive uranium salts gives green.

Blue diamonds

Blue diamonds are known for their rarity and mystery. The range goes from cold blue winter sky to the deep blue of the ocean. The largest amounts of blue diamonds in the world are mainly extracted from the Cullinan mine in South Africa and in the Golconda region of India.
The boron content in the diamond absorbs all light of the wavelength contained in the ore, except blue. The most famous blue diamond of all times is the "Hope" diamond of 45 carats.

Purple diamonds

Diamonds are purple when they contain hydrogen. However, the high pressure at which the rock is exposed during formation compresses the structure and creates a red or pink piece.

Red diamonds

Red diamond is the rarest diamond of all colored diamonds, there are only 20 stones in the world certified as red diamonds. This mineral is of such a high value and is just extremely rare to find. The most famous red diamond is the "Moussaieff Red Diamond" of 5.11 carats.

Pink diamonds

This stone has the most romantic color, the diversity of the range varies from delicate pastel and raspberry pink. These diamonds are very rare on earth, most of them are to be found in Brazil, Australia, Russia and Tanzania. Jennifer Lopez’s pink diamond engagement ring has increased the prestige of this kind of diamond.

Green diamonds

Green diamonds are among the rarest diamonds in the world. They originated millions of years ago and have evolved into green diamonds through natural radiation exposure of uranium ore. The green diamond has therapeutic virtues. It regulates, harmonizes the nervous system and facilitates the movement of pulses.

Yellow diamonds

Yellow diamonds capture sun rays as well as all other gemstones. This color is the most famous and most popular among celebrities for its spectacular shine. Yellow diamond is used in the health system to regenerate cellular energy and protect the respiratory tract for the relief of stomach pains. This diamond is grouped into four main groups: Fancy Light Yellow, Fancy Yellow, Fancy Intense Yellow and Fancy Vivid Yellow.

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