Do you want to purchase an exclusive diamond? Then BAUNAT is the place to be. The diamond jewellery of BAUNAT is available in gold, white gold and platinum. These metals have their own specific features and character.

The diamonds themselves?

They are always 100% natural. This means that BAUNAT never uses treated, artificial or clarity intensified diamonds.

Which type of metal do you choose for your diamond jewellery?

BAUNAT will guide you in the specific characteristics of each precious metal. This way you will immediately discover which type of metal suits the diamond engagement ring, wedding ring, necklace or bracelet of your loved one!

Purchase golden jewellery with diamond

• A golden piece of jewellery exudes an ancient tradition and familiarity
• It is easy malleable to any kind of jewel in any shape
• It can be fused with copper or silver to create its specific yellow or red colour
• Rarely leads to skin irritation
• BAUNAT only uses 18 karat gold (75% gold)

Purchase platinum jewellery with diamond

• Platinum is strong, durable and won't lose any weight over the years
• More rare and more exclusive than gold
• Hypoallergenic, and therefore ideal for women with sensitive skin
• Ideal for detailed designs and pave diamonds
• BAUNAT only uses 950 Platinum (95% platinum)

Purchase diamond jewellery in white gold

• White gold is composed of 75% gold and is therefore very malleable
• Yet it is harder than gold, which reduces the risk of scratches
• Is rhodiated for extra shine and protection
• Suits perfectly which jewels who have a sober and restrained character
• Various shades in colour possible due to alloy with silver, palladium, copper or nickel

Purchase diamond jewels online: not satisfied, money back

Purchase a golden, platinum or white golden jewel with diamond?

You can do this fast and affordable at the online jeweler BAUNAT. By purchasing your diamond jewels online, you will not lose any quality, but you will be able to purchase it at a much better price.

The international diamond jeweler BAUNAT offers you the highest price-quality ratio possible. Do you purchase your diamonds online? All our diamond engagement rings, wedding rings, earrings and bracelets are custom made and with a 30 day return policy.

You are unable to choose from our wide range of diamond jewellery and precious metals? Please feel free to contact the specialists of BAUNAT. Our experts are happy to assist you in the purchase of your perfect diamond jewel! 

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