You will wear your wedding ring for the rest of your life. It is vital therefore that you take your time choosing it, regardless of whether it's your first or second time around. How do you go about buying the right wedding ring? Do you decide on a classic or more contemporary design? How do you match his and her wedding rings? There doesn’t need to be any difference per se between the wedding rings for him and for her. Here we give you some tips on buying the perfect wedding ring, and together with you, look at the various available options.

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Start looking ahead of time

Wedding preparations take up a significant amount of time. A venue needs to be organised, the guest list needs to be compiled, a menu chosen, and you need to find a stunning wedding dress. It is important to start on all of this in sufficient time, so nothing gets overlooked. Be sure to start looking for the right wedding rings in time therefore. This allows you to consider several options, so you can be certain you've found the right wedding ring for you.

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Set your budget

Two white gold BAUNAT wedding rings
What is your wedding ring budget? Ideally, you should include this in your total wedding budget. At BAUNAT you will find weddings rings for him and for her across different price ranges: from styles without any diamonds for around €350 to rings set with stunning diamonds for more than €6000.

Bear your lifestyle in mind

Your lifestyle is also a key factor when choosing your wedding ring. When choosing a wedding ring for a man or woman who undertakes a lot of manual work then particular settings are recommended over others.
A wedding ring must be stylish, comfortable and of good quality.
All BAUNAT diamond rings are premium quality, so the likelihood of losing a diamond is minimal. Nonetheless, for example, a solitaire setting with prongs will be more fragile than a bezel or channel setting. Nor is a tension set ring, where the diamond is held in place purely through pressure, a recommended choice if you carry out manual work.

Bear the ring's upkeep in mind

Because you wear your wedding ring on a daily basis it requires good upkeep. To clean, leave it to soak for around half an hour in lukewarm water. Do not add any products to the water apart from standard (chemical-free) soap. Afterwards, polish the ring itself and the diamond with a soft toothbrush. But, of course, you can always pop into your BAUNAT jeweller to have it professionally cleaned.

Types of wedding rings

There are many options when it comes to choosing a wedding ring. It is vital that the final design matches your personal style and that the rings fits comfortably on your finger. Browse the different wedding ring styles here.

Classic wedding rings

Man and woman with a classic wedding ring on their right hand - BAUNAT
By a classic wedding ring we mean a ring without diamonds. This dates back to the time still when diamonds on (wedding) rings weren't commonplace. Nowadays it is definitely still an option to go for a wedding ring without diamonds. This design is very sleek in design and boasts a timeless appearance.

Personalised wedding rings

The classic wedding ring is easy to personalise with, for example, an engraving. Engraving a wedding ring is the best way of giving it a personal touch. What to engrave on your wedding ring? Is there a particular saying that typifies you as a couple? Why not have it engraved on your wedding ring? Other popular engravings are your wedding date or both your names.
A BAUNAT eternity ring as your wedding ring

Diamond wedding rings

For a truly stunning ring have your wedding ring set with one or multiple diamonds. You can choose a solitaire or a style that has several diamonds. For example, an eternity ring is an elegant choice. This style is set all around with diamonds and is highly symbolic. The diamonds are infinite, just as the love between you and your partner.
Original wedding rings for men are rings set with black diamonds. They are sophisticated and manly and sparkle just as lustrously as rings with colourless diamonds.

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Woman wears ruby wedding ring on her left hand - BAUNAT

A wedding ring with other precious stones

Other precious stones are a possibility, naturally. They add immediate colour to your wedding ring and are a good alternative to coloured diamonds that can often be pricey. Moreover, emerald, ruby and sapphire are all birth stones. So have symbolic significance too.

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The design of your wedding ring

Another choice to be made is the band width of the ring. A woman's wedding ring is often slenderer, whereas men frequently opt for a wider ring. That isn't illogical really: men have bigger hands and wider, longer fingers than women.

A further distinction are flat and rounded rings. The difference is particularly noticeable with rings without diamonds. This is not so noticeable with eternity rings, for example.

Which precious metal to choose?

BAUNAT offers the choice between white, yellow, red gold and platinum precious metals. Rings made of different precious metals are even possible. Here is a brief summary of the different precious metals.


Platinum is one of the most durable metals on earth and is frequently used in jewellery. It is exceptionally strong and is also hypoallergenic. Because of its durability and rarity, it is more expensive than gold. A platinum ring can be combined with different coloured precious stones, but a colourless diamond sparkles lustrously in a platinum ring too.

Yellow gold

Yellow gold is an exceptionally classic precious metal for a wedding ring. The muted, appealing gleam will certainly appeal. Yellow gold rings look truly stunning with yellow diamonds, and we have some in our collection.

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White gold

A white gold ring sparkles just as much as a platinum ring through a layer of rhodium. It will sparkle even more when combined with a colourless diamond. It is the most popular precious metal chosen for wedding rings, both for him and for her.
Red gold wedding rings for women and men - BAUNAT

Red gold

A red gold ring really does have a vintage look & feel. This precious metal is best combined with a colourless diamond to staggering effect. Red gold is opted for less frequently, so it results in highly original wedding rings. with the vintage revival, its popularity will most likely soar.

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Determining your correct wedding ring size

Before buying a wedding ring you must of course be sure of your partner's ring size, as well as your own. This is very easy to ascertain if you already have a ring that fits you well. If you don't, you can use a ring sizer or you can pop into one of our showrooms to have your ring size measured.
Woman determines her wedding ring size using a ring sizer for her right hand - BAUNAT
Slide the ring sizer onto the finger you shall wear the ring on and adjust until it sits comfortably. Then simply read the size. Order a free plastic ring sizer from BAUNAT now or print off a hard copy.

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Do we buy matching rings or not?

Fewer couples deem it as important nowadays to have identical wedding rings. They might differ in width, but increasingly two entirely different wedding rings are opted for. Indeed, with a lot of couples both partners have completely different tastes and personal styles. Which is why they buy different wedding rings. One option could be though to go for the same colours and materials, by both choosing a red gold ring, for example.

Matching wedding rings for him and for her

Naturally, the option to buy matching wedding rings is always possible. At BAUNAT we have a number of rings in the collection that look perfect on either a man or a woman. A number of these are set with black diamonds. Despite their macho appearance these are also eminently suitable for women.

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Woman wears an engagement and wedding ring set - BAUNAT

A wedding ring that matches your engagement ring

You will wear your wedding ring for the rest of your life, which also applies to your engagement ring. If you are able to, try to have them match nicely. In that instance an engagement and wedding ring set is the best option.

Having a tailor made wedding ring made

Can't find what you are looking for in our collection, or already have a design in mind? In that case, we can make a tailor made wedding ring for you. Leaving you feeling completely reassured that you have a truly unique wedding ring.

Once you have approved our quotation, we get started in creating a 3D visualisation. This gives you a clear idea of what your wedding ring will ultimately look like. Should you similarly approve this 3D design, we will start making the actual ring.

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What are the latest wedding ring trends?

Just as is the case with all other jewellery, wedding rings are subject to trends too. Warm yellow gold has undergone a revival in recent years, and we anticipate this trend is set to continue. Slowly but surely the gap is closing on white gold, the most popular precious metal.

Furthermore, increasingly rings comprising two different precious metals are being chosen for. For example, white gold and red gold in one and the same ring creates a stunning result.
Model wearing a woman's wedding ring from the BAUNAT Flowers collection.
We are also noticing more and more organic designs popping up. Designs with flowers or petals are becoming popular. It certainly is worth taking a look at our design collections.

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Yellow is a rising trend in wedding rings, and the same can be said for diamonds. A wedding ring with yellow or black diamonds is highly fashionable, as well as sleek.

Which hand do I wear my wedding ring on?

In Western Europe most men wear their wedding ring on the ring finger of their right hand. That is because most West Europeans are Christians. It's a different story in Judaism. In this faith the wedding ring is usually worn on the left hand.

Where you live can also play an important part. In Belgium, it even differs per province whether the wedding ring is worn on the left or right hand.

Naturally, personal preference plays a part besides tradition. Does it simply feel more comfortable for you to wear the wedding ring on your left hand? Feel free! The importance of traditions is on the wane.

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Why buy a BAUNAT wedding ring?

Buying wedding rings from BAUNAT is both easy and affordable. Our unique approach that entails buying our diamonds directly at source yields an online purchase discount for you of a staggering 30%-50%.
Choosing to buy jewellery from BAUNAT means opting for the best price/quality ratio to be found
Furthermore, we work exclusively with premium qualitative materials that are manipulated by artisanal experts in Antwerp. Our experts are on hand to assist you.

Rest assured, buying a wedding ring from BAUNAT is a guaranteed smart decision. Thanks to our extensive experience we understand which wedding ring best suits you and we can further explain the differences between wedding rings for men and women. We observe a number of trends surrounding choice of precious metal, diamonds and width, but ultimately you are the one who decides. A wedding ring is an exceptionally personal choice, after all. Be sure to choose a ring you yourself find stunning, that sits comfortably and that symbolises your never-ending love for one another.

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You know the differences between wedding rings for men and women, the benefits of the various precious metals, and we have told you a little more about matching wedding rings and tailor made wedding rings. Now it's time to plan your wedding from A to Z. Maybe you are getting married abroad? Find out more about the wedding and wedding rings in the blogs below.

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