As soon as one hears the word 'diamond', we think immediately about its exorbitant price, overpriced as they say! Diamond is a gemstone that reflects both elegance, rarity and luxury. Buying a diamond ring for your future wife, your wife or just a person very important to you seems to be a very expensive purchase. However, nowadays you can find premium quality diamond jewellery at an affordable price.

Buying a diamond ring online

Buying a ring of high value online, such as a diamond ring, may scare some people, which is quite normal. However, BAUNAT is committed to providing a wide range of diamond rings designed with white gold, rose gold, yellow gold or platinum with a rich diversity oof models that do not cost that much.

BAUNAT offers a wide selection of diamond ring models which are available in the catalog of diamond engagement rings or in that of wedding rings. In addition, you can customize your ring even if you buy it online, please contact the BAUNAT team for more information on our tailor-made service.

How to be sure about quality/price ratio ?

This is the question that comes up to all of those who wish to purchase a diamond ring. Obviously, before resorting to this type of investment, you should always inquire about the quality of the jewel in question. To reassure its customers, BAUNAT offers a 20 year warranty on its diamond jewelry. In addition, all BAUNAT rings, be it an yellow golden diamond ring, a white golden diamond ring or a solitaire diamond ring, are certified. Meaning that for jewellery containing a diamond equal to or more than 0.30 carat, you will receive a certificate from a recognized laboratory describing the 4C's of your stone.

In short, among online jewelers that sell diamond jewellery, BAUNAT is among those who offer the best price / quality ratio. Its diamond rings are created by skilled designers and talented professionals who guarantee the quality of each piece. One of the reasons why you should purchase high-end diamond rings on the internet at the best price.

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