The anatomy of an engagement ring

Engagement rings are available in countless shapes and variations. We will show you the basic structure and the possibilities you have. Let us inspire you!

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Can jewels be created using a 3D printer?

New technologies have revolutionized many industries. Today, even jewellery can be printed with the 3D printer. We have taken a look behind the scenes.

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Radiate class with a high-quality diamond ring!

When do people speak of high-quality diamond rings? BAUNAT explains the difference between costume jewellery and jewellery from the top segment.

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Buying platinum wedding rings?

Why purchase platinum wedding rings ?

Looking for platinum wedding rings ? BAUNAT offers a wide choice of platinum wedding rings.

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What’s the difference between red and rose gold?

Everything you need to know about red and rose gold

Read what exactly distinguishes red gold from rose gold and how the different shades and nuances are created.

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Stackable rings: dainty rings to creatively combine and stack

Why be satisfied with one ring when you can wear multiple ones. We show you how stacking works, the possibilities and how to find rings that suits you best.

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