Men do not necessarily have the same taste as women in terms of jewellery. Yet, most men like to offer jewellery to their woman, whether for a special occasion or just to make them happy. The most symbolic piece of jewellery offered by a man to a woman is the ring, but I must say that choosing a diamond ring for his beloved one is sometimes problematic. How to cope with it ?

Define her personality

Each diamond ring reflects the personality of the person who wears it. Furthermore, diamond rings exist in different forms. There are simple and discrete models like solitaire diamond rings. Other ones are more sophisticated, sometimes difficult to wear because they require a certain dress code to avoid falling into bling-bling style. If you do not want to take the wrong path, always opt for a simple ring which is suitable for all women, whether romantic, sensitive or extravagant.

Know her taste in jewellery 

Taste differs depending on the personality of each woman. That is why personality and taste are inseparable since a woman always chooses her jewel depending on what she likes, the image she exudes and her character. While some prefer more feminine styles such as diamond rings or flower and butterfly-shaped models, others aim at rings with more geometric or intersecting forms.

Select a ring depending on her skin tone

This is probably the most crucial step in choosing a diamond ring. Indeed, all rings do not go with all women, even though some models seem to be more attractive than others. If your partner has a clear or very light skin, you ought to favor warm tones as a ring in yellow gold or red gold. These metals will make her shine. On the other hand, if she has a dark or even matte skin, it is best to favor cold tones such as a ring in white gold with diamonds or a platinum ring.

Among a wide range of diamond rings at BAUNAT, you can be sure to find the ring that will fit your beloved one. In case of doubt, the BAUNAT team will guide you in your search.

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