An engagement ring is a unique gift that one offers to his beloved. It proves, and more precisely, it is the evidence of a commitment to love of a man for his chosen one. There is a wide range of engagement rings on the market, making that people often do not know what to choose for their fiancée. Here you can find a guide to choosing an engagement ring. Which golden ring wins your heart?

Which kind of ring?

Of course, your fiancée should under no circumstances know that you will be offering her an engagement ring. An engagement is generally done in secret, to make the surprising effect for your belowed even bigger. Therefore it is essential to know her taste in terms of rings , because she will have to wear it her whole life.

With jewelery designers, there is mostly a lot of choice in order to to meet the personality of each woman. Traditionally, the most popular model is the solitaire ring, this is a simple ring with a single diamond. There is also the solitaire ring with pavé that has the same principle, but with small diamonds on the side of the ring next to the central diamond.

For women who prefer fantasy, there are engagement rings in the shape of a flower, or colored models that bring together different metals and different colored stones such as pink, green or blue diamonds.

Elegant women are more likely to prefer engagement rings in a contemporary style with clean or geometric lines. You can also opt for vintage or romantic designs that are very feminine.

Those who love personalised jewellery can go for an expressive design. For example, engrave his initials in the ring, or a word engraved like 'yes' or 'love' can be both original and endearing.

Which stone to prefer ?

According to the the French tradition, a man must offer his future wife a diamond ring as a sign of his purity and eternal love. Nevertheless, there are other gems than diamonds like ruby which symbolizes passionate love, the emerald that stands for true and fruitful love or sapphire which means you'll always be loyal and honest with her.

A ring in silver or gold: which one is a good choice?

Here too, it is a matter of taste. Does she usually wear classic metals such as yellow gold, or does she prefer a little more discrete jewellery in silver or white gold. It is in function of these preferences that you orient your choice. You only need to know that the standard for engagement rings normally is 18Kt, but ultimately you will choose the ring that suits your budget and taste the most.

One last tip: if you do not know the ringsize of your beloved, you can just take one of her rings to the jeweler who will determine the correct size.

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