Why buy a solitaire engagement ring with a diamond?

Der Verlobungsring mit einem Solitär Diamanten ist der Klassiker schlechthin. BAUNAT erklärt, warum dieser Ring so beliebt ist.

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Why choose a Cushion Cut Engagement Ring?

The romantic cushion cut is becoming increasingly popular for engagement rings. BAUNAT explains why.

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Should I buy a flawless engagement ring?

Is an engagement ring with a flawless diamond a good choice? Can you really see the difference in everyday life? BAUNAT clarifies.

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Engagement ring by BAUNAT

Cocktail Ring Vs. Engagement Ring: What Is the Difference?

Discover the history of the cocktail rings and how they differ from engagement rings. Can I wear a cocktail ring as an engagement ring? BAUNAT informs.

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The diamond ring made entirely from diamond

This ring was made entirely out of diamond. Find out how the jewelers came to this result. Find your diamond ring at BAUNAT

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The European cut

Diamond cuts: the European cut explained

The European cut diamond's meaning and its origins • Discover the different cuts at BAUNAT

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