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Discover the elegance of BAUNAT's exclusive collection of handcrafted Halo rings, known for their captivating design. Halo rings boast an impressive central diamond that shines brilliantly, surrounded by a mesmerising halo of smaller glittering diamonds. These stones reflect and refract light, focusing attention back to the centre stone for breathtaking allure that will have heads turning in admiration.

All of these natural diamonds come in high-end quality, you have the choice between the following quality combinations: G VS2 or H SI1. If you're seeking a diamond of superior quality, don't hesitate to reach out to our team for an appropriate quotation. For a glorious alternative, you can opt to switch the centrepiece diamond with an exquisite sapphire - which glimmers just as brightly.

Our stunning halo rings are crafted with a variety of precious metal alloys - including platinum, white gold, yellow gold and red gold. For an even more personalised experience, we are proud to provide a bespoke service where our experts work alongside you to create the perfect ring tailored just for you.
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