Choosing the right setting is fundamental when choosing a ring or other jewellery. It does not only determine the style of your jewellery, but also how it is worn and the amount of looking after it needs. Do you have an elegant style, and are you looking for jewellery with several diamonds next to one other? Then the pavé setting, with small stones set next to one other, is right for you. It also matches well with other settings. BAUNAT explains why you should choose a pavé setting.


What is a pavé setting?

Ring with pavé setting
With a pavé setting, smaller stones are placed close to one other and held in place by small prongs which look like beads. The stones cover either a part or the entire the ring.

The eternity ring, for example, is covered all the way round in diamonds, which are fully incorporated, or else come into their own in a particular way.

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With a pavé setting, the precious metal used in the ring for the setting is hardly visible. This makes the ring look like one big diamond. No matter which way you turn it, the ring will always sparkle.
A diamond ring with pavé setting guarantees an amazing look
The term comes from the French "pavé", meaning "paved". The whole is indeed reminiscent of a paved street, hence the name.
 BAUNAT-A ring with pavé setting provides a beautiful appearance

What are the pros and cons of a pavé setting?

A pavé setting makes the jewel sparkle. They are positioned to reflect light in all directions. The diamonds get an extra sparkle.

Thanks to its composition, a row of very small diamonds close together, the price of a diamond ring with a pavé setting is much less than that of a ring having just one large diamond.
Rings with pavé settings come in different styles, both contemporary and traditional.

If you are going to cover the ring band all the way round, you need to know the exact ring size. Once the stones are set, it is almost impossible to have the ring made larger or smaller.

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With which other settings can you mix and match a pavé setting?

Diamond rings with pavé setting can include diamonds set around on one or more bands. You should realise there is a huge variety of possible ways to mix and match with other settings.
A pavé setting lends itself to any diamond, and can easily be mixed and matched
For greater individuality, you could, for example, mix the pavé setting with the prong setting. This means your solitaire diamond can be enhanced with diamonds along the side in a pavé setting, for extra sparkle. You can also have your central diamond surrounded by diamonds in a halo ring. This makes the central diamond look bigger, which often adds value to an engagement ring.

Are you looking for diamond jewellery, but not sure the pavé setting is for you? Our experts are always ready to give advice and help you choose the right setting. The diamond setting will define the style of your jewellery, as well how careful you need to be with your ring. So don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions.

What other diamond settings are there?

When you choose a ring with a pavé setting, you are choosing elegance and personality. The pavé setting can also be effortlessly combined with other diamond settings for the central diamond. Wondering what other settings there are? Then read more below.
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