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Diamond Engagement Rings

A unique proposal comes with a unique diamond engagement ring. Our diamond engagements rings with an excellent price/quality ratio radiate pure luxury. For your proposal you can choose between the following diamond engagement rings:  white gold (60 articles), platinum (57 articles), yellow gold (63 articles), red gold (60 articles).

In case you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact our experts when searching for a perfect diamond engagement ring or a tailor made design. They will be pleased to assist you on making your choice.

More information about our diamond engagement rings and various settings can be found at the bottom of this page. 


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BAUNAT: the reference jeweller for buying a diamond engagement ring

No engagement is complete without a beautiful diamond ring. The design of the engagement ring may represent different styles, but it is advisable to purchase a ring that is easy to wear and radiates timeless class. White gold, red gold, yellow gold or even platinum can be used, with the diamond as the crucial component of the engagement ring.

A ring set with diamonds symbolises the lifelong commitment between you and your partner. Below, you can find three different engagement ring models, from a solitaire to a model with multiple smaller diamonds incorporated in the ring. It is also possible to opt for a unique design, as the Jeweller BAUNAT also offers a tailor made service. During this process, our experts collaborate with you to design the perfect engagement ring. With our customised approach, too, you can expect to receive the best price for your diamond engagement ring.

The solitaire engagement ring

This model is the most popular choice when buying a diamond engagement ring. Because the diamond is placed in the centre of the ring, it is the main part of the jewel and attracts all the attention. The setting that is most commonly used with the solitaire engagement ring is the classic setting with six prongs. The prongs are positioned in a way that ensures the diamond catches the most light and shines at its brightest. Six prongs also complement the round form of the brilliant diamond, whereas four prongs give a diamond a more angular look. For an even higher brilliance, small diamonds can be set into the ring band. These small diamonds make the central stone shine even brighter.

The trilogy engagement ring

This is a ring set with three diamonds, which represent the past, the present and the future. This diamond engagement ring is both timeless and elegant, and radiates pure luxury. Generally, the central diamond will be slightly larger than the two side stones. To add a splash of colour, you also have the option of choosing a coloured diamond or gemstone as the central stone of the ring. 

The halo engagement ring

A halo engagement ring is a ring set with a central diamond that is surrounded by a circle of smaller diamonds. The main advantage with this type of design is that it makes the central stone appear larger than it actually is. Usually, this ring is set with a diamond as centre stone, but you could also incorporate a sapphire, ruby or emerald in the design.