Do you want to make the diamond in your engagement ring pop? Then consider an impressive cathedral setting for an engagement ring, which is offers a real eye-catching look no one can ignore. This look is also very popular for marriage proposals.

Not sure what a cathedral setting actually is? Luckily, we can help. In this article, we’ll cover the following:

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What exactly is a cathedral setting?

The cathedral ring setting resembles the look of a Gothic cathedral, hence its name. Metal arches majestically hold the stones in place, allowing the diamond to  rest above the ring’s band, elevated.

The most impressive thing about a cathedral-style engagement ring is not how the diamonds are attached, but their height, especially compared with other settings.

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What are the pros and cons of cathedral settings for engagement rings?

The elevated diamond of a cathedral setting  accentuates the centre stone beautifully. This arrangement also makes the diamond appear larger. The cathedral setting adds character to your ring and makes the brilliant stone stand out.

Whilst this setting is suitable for many diamond shapes, people often choose to pair it with a  round brilliant, or more rectangular shapes such as princess or cushion cut.

With that said, an engagement ring with a diamond in a cathedral setting takes a little more time and effort to clean than other settings (such as the channel setting). Dirt and grease can collect between the arches and become trapped within the corners and crevices. But, you don't have to clean the ring yourself. You can get your ring professionally cleaned by a jeweller.

A ring with a diamond in a cathedral setting is also less suitable for daily wear -, as it is easier to get it caught in clothing. It requires more delicate handling and care, a small sacrifice for the exquisite look if it's the right style for you. 

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When should you choose a cathedral setting?

Whilst there are pros and cons of  cathedral settings for engagement rings, its classical beauty is undeniable. Not all women may appreciate this ring, however. So, first and foremost, take the wearer's style into account. If the lady in question likes to mix and match several ring styles, the striking cathedral setting may be less suitable.

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What other engagement ring settings are there?

The cathedral setting is impressive thanks to the exquisite curved lines and the diamond standing proudly above the ring. But there are several other ways to set a diamond in a ring besides the cathedral setting.

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