Are you looking for elegance, minimalism and style in your chosen setting? Do you want a ring or jewellery that won’t catch on anything, and where the diamonds are held securely in place? Then the channel setting, with stones between dividing walls of precious metal, is the right choice for you. BAUNAT explains why.

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What is a channel setting?

Sketch of ring with channel setting - BAUNAT
You might be wondering what a channel setting is; with a channel setting, also known as a rail setting, the gemstones are carefully placed between two dividing walls of precious metal. The channel setting is particularly suitable for stones of equal size and with square angles.

You can easily mix and match the channel setting with other settings. So you could, for instance, go for a ring design with a bezel or prong setting, with a central diamond.
Diamond with channel setting from BAUNAT
The channel setting is very similar to the pavé setting. But there is one difference. With the channel setting, the diamonds are set into the precious metal in a smooth line, unlike the pavé setting where they cover the band of the ring. The channel setting is also, unlike other diamond settings, particularly suitable when mixing and matching a diamond ring with other rings.

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What are the pros and cons of a channel setting?

The overall effect of a ring with channel setting is first and foremost a stylish and elegant, minimalist look, which makes the setting particularly popular. The many side stones also add extra sparkle to your ring. With the channel setting you are also choosing safety: unlike a ring with a cathedral setting, the ring will not catch on anything with a channel setting.
You are choosing style and elegance with a diamond ring having a channel setting
If you go for a channel setting, you need to be sure of the ring size in advance. It is almost impossible to make the ring bigger or smaller at a later date. You will also spend a little more time cleaning the ring than with other settings.

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Cleaning a diamond ring with a channel setting

Diamond rings with channel setting are difficult to clean because the diamonds are placed between rails. Dust and dirt can get in there. You can try cleaning it using lukewarm water with some washing-up liquid on a soft cloth. If this doesn’t help, ask your jeweller for advice or have it cleaned professionally.

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Choosing the right ring setting is extremely important. This choice is often underestimated and overlooked. The proper ring setting has a great impact on how your ring will look and how you will look after and protect it.

Give yourself time and make the right choice. This way, you and your loved one will be able to cherish the ring for evermore.

What other diamond settings are there?

When you choose a ring with a channel setting, you are choosing minimalism, elegance and style. This style of ring setting is also very suitable for men. A channel setting can also be used with small, black diamonds. Would you prefer a different setting where the diamond stands out a little better? Then view some other options below.
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