Tailor-made jewellery is about more than jewellery, it is about creating something that was never done before, something that is unexpected but that tells your own unique story.

To achieve the best results, though, you do need to follow a few steps in the tailor made process, and these have been outlined below.

  • Why do people love personalisation?
  • What are the steps when tailor-making jewellery?

Why do people love personalisation?

Personalisation and in particular tailor-making a piece of jewellery is the ideal way to create something that truly reflects your personality, your life story and that corresponds to your taste preferences. But there is even more to it. According to a study by the University of Texas, people’s preference for personalised jewellery, objects and experiences is due to two main factors, an inherent desire to control and because of information overload.

The desire for control stems from the fact that every human needs to control their lives and what happens to it. Personalisation, which involves getting something that is tailored to you instead of something that everyone has, indirectly makes you feel more in control. Which is why we love the idea of tailor-made jewellery and experiences.

The information overload is a direct result from today’s technologically oriented world and the fact that we have access to too much information all the time. The tailor-made option allows us to more easily find what we are looking for. That also applies to tailor-made jewellery, as it provides you with exactly what you love most.

Tailor-made jewellery like this diamond ring is a BAUNAT speciality


What are the steps when tailor-making jewellery?

There are 4 steps in creating tailor made jewellery.

First of all, you need to do some research on the styles you like and gather pictures or drawings of the design. You need to know the ring size, the quality and quantity of diamonds and metal to be used and most importantly your budget. Once you have all that, and you have shared it with the jeweller, they will come back to you with a quote.

Once you have agreed with the quote, the jeweller will send you within approximately 1 week 3D images of your design, created using CAD software. These 3D images will give you a perfect idea of what the diamond jewel will look like in reality.

The last step of the process is the actual creation of the piece. Skilled artisans will need approximately 3 working weeks to finalise your tailor-made jewel using traditional methods.

Have you already created tailor-made jewellery? Do you already have a design in mind? BAUNAT is your perfect partner in the process. We offer a great tailor-made service that delivers top quality at the best possible price thanks to our unique way of working. Please visit our tailor-made section or contact us directly for guidance in the process.

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