• Pave setting for classic, elegant couples
  • Halo setting for adventurous couples
  • Channel setting for sober, introvert couples

Ready to ask THE question? Then you would probably like to find THE ring that suits this occasion perfectly! Here, the diamond is takes centre-stage. Buying a diamond is not a simple task, you have to pay attention to certain features you find important. Buying an engagement ring is after all buying a diamond that shows how much she means to you. The diamond says a lot about your love and dedication for her, but the diamond setting actually says a lot more. For each couple there is a setting that says what kind of couple they are.

Classic, elegant couple

Do you recognize yourself in this description? Then you could buy a ring with diamonds in a pave setting. Small diamonds are put next to each other and are secured with small prongs that look like pearls. There is hardly any metal visible. With this simple and elegant design, you tell your fiancé that your love is timeless and does not need extra adornment. Your relationship is perfect and sparkles in every way. Just as her ring…

Adventurous couple

Whoever is more adventurous, needs something sustainable and safe. With a halo setting, the central diamond is protected by smaller round diamonds that are placed around it. You can either buy a diamond, ruby or sapphire as the central stone. Platinum or white gold provides an additional sparkle of the central stone in this setting. Red gold also accentuates the smaller stones and gives a more vintage touch as well. The halo setting can be incorporated in different styles. Classic elegance with a prominent touch or subtle and discrete for all your adventures on unknown ground.

Sober, introvert couples

Not everything needs to stand out? In that case, you want a diamond with which you can confess your love not by shouting it from the rooftops, but rather by whispering it softly in her ear. The channel setting is the perfect choice for this. T diamonds are held by two metal rails, which are called channels. The result is a sober yet stylish look. A beautiful, smooth ring that can be kept quite simple in order not stand out too much. Both the pave setting and this channel setting are very popular. You will definitely play it safe when you choose these.

Do you know which ring from our extensive collection of engagement rings is perfect for her? Or do you want to know more about the different diamond settings that BAUNAT offers? Please feel free to contact our experts. 


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