After two sale proposals by Sotheby's in Geneva, a 100.09 carat yellow diamond was eventually sold at $ 16 million (14.5 million Swiss Francs). 

This yellow diamond called "Graff Vivid Yellow" is considered the largest yellow diamond in the world. It has a rather unique color with daffodil-yellow undertones, its value was estimated between 15 and 25 million dollars but the final selling price was $ 16 million, commission included.

Diamonds attract more and more investors

At the same time, several other sets of diamonds have been put up for auction by auction house Sotheby's. Keep in mind that Switzerland, after Belgium where the diamond capital Antwerp is located, is one of the world leaders in terms of creation and sale of diamonds in Europe and beyond.

Investors from around the world throw themselves at these gems for several reasons. First of all, because diamonds have proven to be an excellent and interesting investment in the long run. Seeing how diamonds have become increasingly rare, acquiring a diamond ring or a diamond pendant secures a guaranteed return on your investment in a couple of years.

Do you also intend to buy a diamond as an investment, to give to your wife, to one of your loved ones or simply to complete your own jewellery collection? Then you may find it interesting to learn that at BAUNAT, we offer affordable diamonds meeting the highest quality requirements which correspond with internationally recognized certification standards.

BAUNAT pleases its European customers since their diamond jewellery is being sold mainly in Antwerp, Paris and Geneva; this does not stop a more international –based clientele from buying jewellery at BAUNAT since the company has another sales point in Hong Kong.

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