Blue diamonds are definitely amongst the rarest precious stones in the world and are incredibly valuable. Some exceptional blue diamonds even carry an intense history with them. Read more about this special hue with a special charm here.

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What are blue diamonds?

A colourless diamond consists of carbon. It is clear because the carbon atoms do not have moving free electrons. This allows light to pass through freely.
All coloured diamonds have their colour due to the presence of impurities, yet they are more valuable than colourless diamonds.
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When boron particles are trapped in the crystal lattice during the formation of a diamond, the blue colour of the diamond is created. This substance absorbs red light but gives the precious stone a blue colour. Only a few boron atoms are enough to make a diamond's colour blue.Yellow diamonds, for example, get their colour due to the presence of nitrogen, while in brown diamonds, the colour comes from distortions in the crystal lattice.
Most blue diamonds are found in the Cullinan mine in South Africa. They are also regularly found in the Golkonda mine in India and the Lesteng mine.

How many shades of blue diamonds are there?

Like any other coloured diamond, blue stones can show a wide range of shades, from sky blue, steel blue to the intense deep blue of the sea. Blue-coloured diamonds often get an additional name depending on their hue, such as baby, royal, navy or midnight.

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The value of the blue diamond

The value of a blue diamond can be very high, among other things, due to the rarity and increasing demand for it. More and more people discover the excellent investment value of blue diamonds. Prices for natural blue-coloured diamonds have risen gradually and consistently over the past decade. Due to their rarity, they are often worth a lot of money; for example the average price of a 0.5 carat blue diamond is $26,280. Of course, you can also choose jewellery with a blue diamond. With our tailor-made service, this is possible.

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Blue diamonds repeatedly raised record amounts in recent years
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Blue diamonds are already quite pricey and as the colour intensity increases, they become even more expensive. A blue diamond of 1 carat can cost up to €150,000. Fancy vivid blue diamonds of more than 3 carats are sometimes sold for more than €900,000 per carat. If that's too high for you, you can also always opt for a blue sapphire. That's a more affordable alternative but is certainly an equally stunning precious stone.

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Rarity of the blue diamond

Despite the often very high prices, blue diamonds are not the rarest coloured diamonds. That honour is reserved for red diamonds. There are only 200,000 diamonds worldwide that are considered blue diamonds, and deep blue specimens are very rarely found.

Top-3 most famous blue diamonds

Although there aren't that many worldwide, some blue diamonds became quite famous. We will present three of them.

  1. The Hope diamond: The Hope diamond is undeniably the most famous blue diamond. The diamond was mined in India in the 1600s. A Frenchman bought the diamond and sold it to Louis XIV.

     This diamond is said to carry a curse that brings bad luck to its owner. The blue precious stone of 45.52 carats is currently kept at the National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C.


  2. The Wittelsbach-Graff diamond: This diamond was also mined in India in the 1600s and weighs 31.06 carats. Throughout history, the Wittelsbach-Graff had been part of both the Austrian and Bavarian crown jewels. The current owner is a former emir of Qatar who paid more than $80 million for it.


  3. The Heart of Eternity: This blue diamond of 27.64 carats was found in the Premier Mine in South Africa and was shown to the public by De Beers in January 2000 at the London Millennium Dome. Whoever owns it currently is a well-kept secret.

Why buy blue diamonds at BAUNAT?

As mentioned, with our tailor-made service, you can have your own jewellery designed with blue diamonds or sapphires as an alternative, but that's not the only reason to choose BAUNAT. We only work with natural and ethically responsible high-quality diamonds.

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All our jewellery is made by true craftsmen in Antwerp, the diamond city per excellence. That means you can be sure of getting the highest quality.

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Now you know the secrets of the blue diamond. Do you also know all there is to know about other coloured diamonds? Are you a specialist in other precious stones? Glean all you need to know in the following blogs.

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