Coloured diamonds are very popular for a while now. Besides pink diamonds, the blue diamond is currently sought after. They are offered at a brilliant (= expensive) price, but the super-rich among us do not hesitate to buy it. Moreover, a blue diamond – the Oppenheimer Blue – was recently auctioned for a record amount.

Oppenheimer Blue

Henceforth, the Oppenheimer Blue can be called the most expensive diamond in the world. At an auction at Christie’s in Geneva, the blue diamond of 14.62 carat, which was set into a ring, was bought by an anonymous telephone bidder for about 51.3 million euros. And so the previous record was broken. Because last year in November, the blue diamond Blue Moon was auctioned for about 45 million euros.

The Oppenheimer Blue is a rectangular diamond classified under the category Fancy Vivid blue, the rarest colour under the blue diamonds. The diamond was named after the British diamond dealer Philip Oppenheimer (1911 – 1995). He discovered the stone in the Premier Mine in South Africa and donated this beautiful diamond to his wife. Love has its own (brilliant) price.

Blue diamond vs. Sapphire

Not everyone can afford such a blue diamond. And although there are also smaller (cheaper) copies that exist, they still remain very expensive. Fortunately, there is an alternative: Sapphire. This cornflower blue gemstone is equally beautiful, but much cheaper. Unless you use the stone as an investment, then a blue diamond is more interesting.

Both the blue diamond and sapphire are irresistible in combination with (colourless) diamonds. White gold and platinum make the stones sparkle even more. Blue gemstones or diamonds combined with a golden jewel, looks rather classic. The blue colour is often associated with power and wealth, and gives a sober outfit some extra glamour.

Blue diamonds are expensive and only a few can pay the brilliant price they ask for it. Fortunately, you can find cheaper alternatives with us, like a smaller blue diamond or sapphire in a dazzling diamond engagement ring. But also in other jewels, blue colour comes to its fullest.

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