Coloured diamonds have been trending for quite some time, besides romantic pink, yellow diamonds have become quite popular. A yellow diamond comes into existence thanks to the presence of nitrogen atoms in the carbon roster. The more nitrogen atoms, the more yellow the colour will be. This feat renders yellow diamonds more rare than their white or colourless counterparts. Their rarity does not make them the most expensive. So, if you are looking to buy a coloured diamond, but don’t want to spend all to lavishly, than a yellow diamond is a perfect start.

The most famous yellow diamond is, without a doubt, the Cora Sun-Drop. This diamond weighs 110 ct. A unique specimen, because diamonds of more than 100 carat are extremely rare. It won’t surprise you that this diamond was auctioned off for a stunning 12 million. An absolute record, the Cora Sun-Drop is the most expensive yellow diamond ever sold on an auction.

Yellow diamonds are increasingly sought after. The Cora Sun-Drop may be exceptionally expensive, you can find a reasonably priced yellow diamond in our e-boutique. You could have it set in and engagement ring or necklace. For best effect, combine it with white gold. It would be a shame to have it’s fancy hue overpowered by a newly, polished yellow gold setting. Another suggestion would be to have the yellow diamond beset by white diamonds. Imagine the possibilities.

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