Diamonds exist in all colours of the rainbow. Yellow diamonds are the most common ones. Coloured diamonds are very rare and the red colour is the very rarest. Every year, only a few are found worldwide. Most of them are small: less than 0,5 ct. per piece. But don’t be mistaken, these small stones are very expensive. If you’re planning to buy a jewel with a red diamond, you’ll have to pay a high price. Though there is a cheaper alternative: the ruby. At BAUNAT, we set red diamonds on all of our settings. Here are our favourites:

Ring with a red diamond

Red is the colour of love. Indeed, it’s very romantic to propose to your loved one with an engagement ring set with both red and colourless diamonds. Not only does she wear an elegant diamond ring around her finger now, she also has a new eye-catcher in her jewel box. Other occasions are of course suitable too to buy a red diamond ring, for example an anniversary or Mother’s Day. Would you rather not go for diamonds? Luckily a golden ring with a ruby carries the same elegance, but for a slightly lower price. 

Necklace with a red diamond

A nice necklace in combination with a necklace that is set with a red diamond, combined or not with colourless diamonds, has a timeless and very elegant look. The warm colour is best enhanced with a yellow golden setting, but white gold and platinum are also possible. 

Earrings with a red diamond

If you want to buy a pair of nice earrings with a red diamond, we advise you to keep the model as simple as possible. The rich colour will draw a lot of attention anyway, so you don’t have to go for a pair of statement earrings. Simplicity can be attractive, particularly if you want to emphasize the red colour.

Buying a red diamond, is something you should do after having considered it carefully. After all, there’s a big price tag attached to it. If you want more information about these models, or specifically about red diamonds, don’t hesitate to contact us

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