A diamond is a unique and luxurious gift. Coloured diamonds add an extra dimension. Compared to the yellow varieties, red diamonds are very rare. You can set red diamonds in any piece of jewellery. Are you a fan of red, but looking for a lower price? Then the ruby is a great alternative. 

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What is a red diamond?

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Red diamonds are a coloured version of normal diamonds and extremely rare. Because they are so rare, we know so little about how the colour develops. There are no chemical reactions involved, so the question is how this colour can come about.

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How did red diamonds come about?

Most coloured diamonds, such as yellow and blue diamonds are the result of chemical impurities, caused by nitrogen or boron. However, red diamonds only contain carbon. The lovely red colour must therefore be the result of rare malformations in the stone's anatomical structure.

How rare are red diamonds?

Worldwide, only 20 to 30 good quality stones have been found so far. A 'pure' coloured diamond does not contain any colour nuances according to GIA but it can have different gradations in colour intensity.
So far, only 20 to 30 red diamonds have been found
An alternative for the red diamond: a ruby ring from BAUNAT
Coloured diamonds can vary from Fancy Light Yellow to Fancy Deep. Intensely coloured red diamonds are however extremely rare. The diamonds generally weight under half a carat, and yet buying these small precious stones is still a big investment.

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The value of a red diamond

Colourless diamonds have a fixed value and the price is based on the 4 Cs. In contrast, coloured diamonds are given their prices at auctions. To buy a red-coloured diamond, you should keep in mind prices around 10,000 dollars from 0.2 ct.
The largest red diamond ever found weighed 13.0 carats

The most famous red diamonds in the world

  1. The Moussaiëff Red Diamond is the largest and most expensive red diamond ever found. When this precious stone was found in the early 1990s by a farmer in the Abaetezinho river (Brazil) it weighed 13.9 carats.The William Goldberg Diamond Corporation, a jewellery company from New York, bought the diamond and had it cut into a round brilliant cut of 5.11 carats. It was then bought by the Israeli-British jeweller Shlomo Moussaiëff, who gave it his name. The precious stone is valued at 15 million dollars.

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2. The DeYoung Red Diamond is the third largest red diamond in the world. The stone was originally found at a flea market where it was thought to be a red garnet. It was eventually given to the National Museum of Natural history in 1987.

3. Weighing 35 carat, the Kazanjian Red Diamond is the second most famous red diamond in the world. The stone, cut in emerald shape, was seized by Nazi soldiers during the Second World War. In 2007, Kazanjian Bros. Inc. bought the stone from an anonymous jeweller. Today, the stone is said to be worth more than 50 million dollars.

Combining romantic red diamonds

Red, as in this ring with ruby, is the color of love - BAUNAT
Red is known as the colour of love. An engagement ring with red or pink diamonds is therefore a wonderfully romantic gesture. A red diamond ring is not only timeless and elegant on your partner's finger, it is also the stand-out piece in any jewellery box. A ring with a red-coloured diamond is also a suitable gift for a wedding anniversary, birthday,  Mother's Day or other special day.

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A necklace  with a red precious stone instantly catches the eye. You can finish the warm colour of a red diamond with almost any precious metal. Consider yellow gold for example, a classic material and an excellent combination with the precious stone. White gold and platinum are also good options.
The simpler the jewellery, the more timeless it is
With its allure, red-coloured diamonds can also be set in a simple pair of earrings, certainly if you want the red to stand out. All designers know: the simpler, the more timeless it is.

Tailor made red diamond jewellery at BAUNAT

Would you like to buy a red or colourless diamond for yourself or your partner? If so, browse our collection of diamond rings or opt for tailor made jewellery. The red diamond jewellery collection on our website is limited. We therefore suggest you make an appointment at one of our showrooms to discuss the options. Starting at a budget of €4,000, you can design the jewellery of your dreams with the help of our experts. So, don't hesitate to ask the BAUNAT diamond experts for advice.

Meer weten over gekleurde diamanten?

Red diamonds are the most valuable of the coloured diamonds. If you would rather choose another coloured diamond at perhaps a lower price, there are several options available to you. Browse the other colour diamonds available at BAUNAT below.
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