When thinking about diamond jewellery a white or colourless  precious stone  naturally springs to mind.  Traditionally, these are the most popular choice of engagement ring or other jewellery. But many might perhaps not know that coloured diamonds sparkle beautifully too.  Indeed, the pink diamond is rapidly increasing in popularity.  Here we delve briefly into its appeal and how it differs from a white diamond. 

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What is a pink diamond?

A BAUNAT pink diamond ring
A natural pink diamond is a very rare colour variation of a diamond. Its colour is created by specific geological forces.

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How did pink diamonds come about?

Specific and extreme geological forces must come into play to create a pink diamond.  They give the stone its characteristic pink colour. This diamond's structure also differs from that of a white diamond.  The formation of a pink diamond isn't like that of blue oryellow diamonds, in that the presence of a chemical matter creates its colour.

Traditionally, the colour pink has been associated with innocence, sweetness and love. During Queen Elizabeth I's reign in England (1558-1603), pink was thought to bring luck and pleasure.

The value and advantages of a pink diamond

Pink coloured diamonds are exceedingly rare, and so very valuable. The highest yield can be found at the Australian Argyle mine. The mine's total raw diamond production is 800 million carats, yet the share of raw pink diamonds equates to less than 1%. This is why there are treated diamonds in that colour that are nigh on indistinguishable from their natural counterparts. This will be clearly stated on the diamond certificate, however. Other precious stones are also an option of course, such as ruby and sapphire, that are gaining in popularity.

Pink diamonds are subtle in colour and are a beautiful alternative to colourless diamonds. They are easy to combine with other ring types, such a halo ringor a solitaire ring.

The most renowned pink diamonds in the world

The Pink Star, a coloured Fancy Vivid Pink diamond - BAUNAT
Precisely because pink diamonds are so rare, the ones that are found are usually well known. Take the best known one, the Fancy Vivid Pink, the Pink Star, which is a phenomenal oval stone at a staggering 59.6 carat and valued at 67 million Euros. Its exorbitant priceis due to the extreme rarity of the rose-coloured diamond.
Besides the Pink Star, the Graff Pink is also set in a ring. The diamond was privately owned by Harry Winston until it was sold at auction in 2010 at Sotheby's. The jewel was sold for a staggering 46 million dollars to Laurence Graff, making it one of the costliestjewels in the world.
The Daria-I-Noor is the largest pink diamond in the world - BAUNAT
The third pink diamond that belongs in the top three is the Daria-I-Noor. At 182 carats it is the largest pink diamond in the world, and it is set in the Iranian crown jewels. The quality of this diamond is unfortunately not as good as the other two, rendering it less valuable.

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How do I combine a pink diamond?

Which precious metal should I combine a pink diamond with?

For those among us who love to wear earrings and love the colour pink, a pair of diamond earringsis always a way forward. A diamond necklacewith a diamond in this colour, possibly combined with colourless diamonds, draws the eye without fail.
Simplicity is the golden rule when choosing jewellery with a coloured diamond.
A BAUNAT pear-shaped pink diamond ring
Opt for a precious metalthat doesn't contrast too sharply with the diamond. A setting in white gold or platinum is ideal in retaining the colour balance. Simplicity is the golden rule, certainly when choosing jewellery with a coloured diamond.

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Is pink diamond a suitable precious stone in an engagement ring?

Diamonds come in twelve different colours, with more than 230 possible colour combinations. What with the ever-growing popularity of coloured diamonds, together with the romanticism of the colour pink, it's no wonder that pink diamonds are the most popular engagement ringchoice, regardless of the price tag. Red and pink are, after all, the colours of love. So a ring with a diamond such as this will make the proposal even more special.

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Not only is the ring a showstopper, but the stone itself is an investment diamond. Or, how about the colour pink in a heart-shaped diamond? This is the perfect combination if your prospective bride loves romance and adores wearing very feminine jewellery.

Should I choose a pink diamond solitaire or halo engagement ring?

The solitaire ringis, and is set to remain, the most popular engagement ring. It embodies elegance, irrespective of the size of the diamond. The preference for a colourless diamond is just as traditional. Which is precisely why a solitaire ring set with a magnificent pink diamond will truly stand out from the crowd.
With a halo ring the centre diamond appears bigger than it is, surrounded by smaller diamonds.
A halo ringis also eminently suitable for a pink diamond.A halo is a circle of diamonds, where the centre diamond appears bigger than it is. That centre diamond can, of course, be a pink diamond.

Tailor made pink diamond jewellery at BAUNAT

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Pink diamonds are exceedingly rare and so very valuable.  If you would rather choose another coloured diamond at perhaps a lower price, there are several options available to you. Browse the other colour diamonds available at BAUNAT below.

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