Diamonds can be found in various colours. You will undoubtedly have heard of pink  or yellow diamonds but did you know brown diamonds also exist? Men are increasingly passing over the classic solitaire ring and pleasantly surprising their partner with an engagement ring with a coloured diamond or precious stone. Colour reflects personality and certain characteristics and often says more than traditional colourless diamonds. Brown diamonds are currently very popular. The colour is timeless and lovely in combination with colourless diamonds.

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What Is a Brown Diamond?

  The colour gradations of brown diamonds at BAUNAT
Various continents mine brown diamonds of all shades, but most come from the Australian Argyle mine. Brown diamonds do not get their colour from a chemical reaction, as with other coloured diamonds and precious stones, but from the transformation of the crystal lattice due to pressure during the formation process.
Different colours of diamonds
Brown diamonds have different colour gradations:

  1. Champagne
  2. Cognac
  3. Chocolate

All gradations are richly coloured. The darker the diamond, the more expensive it is. The only question is which you prefer.

The Special Significance Of a Brown Diamond

As with all coloured precious stones, brown diamonds have certain characteristics. The precious stone is reportedly full of love and energy and is supposed to strengthen the bond with the person to whom you give the brown diamond. Brown diamond engagement rings also protect the mutual relationship and ensure a strong mind, preventing negative influences from affecting it.
Brown diamonds reduce stress

The Value Of a Brown Diamond

Brown diamonds are generally some of the less expensive coloured diamonds because their champagne to brown colour means the precious stones sparkle and shine less than lighter coloured or colourless diamonds. And yet, they are still very popular. The growing trendiness could affect the levels of supply and demand and result in increased prices. So, you had better not wait too long before buying your brown diamond.

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Why Opt For Coloured Diamond Jewellery?

Rings set with coloured diamonds have been popular for some time. If you plan to ask your loved one to marry you with such an engagement ring, then make sure the colour suits their personality. In that respect, you can also play around with the colour of the ring band.
Combine a brown diamond with colourless diamonds to make it really stand out
Butterfly-shaped jewellery with brown and orange diamonds from BAUNAT
Brown diamonds are pretty much timeless and have a subtle appearance. The colour will stand out even more when combined with a colourless or orange diamond, like in a halo setting. Any setting can be used, however, we don't advise a solitaire ring, because it is less radiant. Set in a yellow gold ring, you will have a conservative and classic overall appearance. White gold or platinum create a more modern and glamorous look.

Take a closer look at this butterfly ring

Have Your Unique Jewellery Made-To-Measure at BAUNAT

Looking for a brown coloured diamond for your made-to-measure jewellery? Or would you prefer to invest in coloured diamonds? At BAUNAT, we are delighted to help you get started. Ask the diamond experts at BAUNAT for advice.

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