Most jewellery trends are a reinvention of previous trends, but this is not the case with ear cuffs. This brand new trend, which ‘decorates’ your entire ear, is totally hot in fashion land, and could be popular with brides-to-be. This isn’t a trend for those who love subtle jewellery, because large and outstanding are the key words here. Karl Lagerfeld was setting the trend during the fashion show of Chanel last year, and now ear cuffs are taking over the streets. You see them in different styles, from more edgy to vintage glam. They have a punk look, as if you have an ear full of piercings. Diamonds give ear cuffs that extra allure, classy with a punky touch. You can even add a chain - that you pin in your hair - to make it a real eye catcher! It’s very important to wear this trend in the right way. You attach the ear cuff like a normal earring and you ‘cuff’ it at the top. You wear only one at the same time. To put the ear cuff in the spotlight, you can put your hair up or comb it to one side. Perfect for brides who are looking for something original.

We at BAUNAT are mainly specialized in classic diamond earrings, but we are always in for innovations and offer the best made-to-measure.

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