Caring for a diamond ring with a fabric cloth — BAUNAT

What's the best way to clean your jewellery?

Cleaning your jewellery; where to start? The BAUNAT jewellery experts provide practical tips on jewellery cleaning, safekeeping and upkeep.

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Woman wears diamond tiara in her hair on her wedding day - BAUNAT

Diamonds in your hair with a diamond tiara

Can you still buy a diamond tiara nowadays, and how do you combine it? The experts at BAUNAT give you tips and an explanation.

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Choose a unique double ring for twice as much sparkle

How do you wear a double ring on the same finger? • Design your own tailor made double ring • Our BAUNAT experts are on hand to help

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A BAUNAT pear-shaped pink diamond ring

Why choose a pink diamond over a white one?

Why should I buy a pink diamond? • The experts at BAUNAT explain • Find out all you need to know about pink diamonds

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Where can you find a stylish vintage engagement ring?

What makes a typical vintage engagement ring? • BAUNAT has the expertise to guide you to the answer • Find out here what to look for in a vintage engagement ring

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Elegant Valentine’s Day gifts for him

Why is Valentine’s Day so popular and which gift for him would be ideal for this day? BAUNAT has a timeless collection of cufflinks and remarkable watches.

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