A ring with brown diamond

Why Are Brown Diamonds So Popular For Engagement Rings?

Diamonds come in various colours, and brown diamond engagement rings are becoming more and more popular. Find out why in this expert guide from BAUNAT.

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A BAUNAT pear-shaped pink diamond ring

Why choose a pink diamond over a white one?

Why should I buy a pink diamond? • The experts at BAUNAT explain • Find out all you need to know about pink diamonds

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Designing her engagement ring yourself? Read these tips!

How do I design an engagement ring myself? • BAUNAT offers tips based on its extensive expertise as a jeweller • Design your own engagement ring now

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Diamond ring trends for 2018

Want to discover the diamond ring trends for 2018? BAUNAT jewellery walks you through the trends in this article.

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The 2019 wedding dresses & engagement ring trends to know about

Which wedding dresses and which engagement rings will be popular in 2019? Look no further, BAUNAT has these answers and more.

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Mixing & layering will be the key words for 2019s gold necklace trend

What will be the trend for gold necklaces next year? Mixed metals and layering will be in the spotlight and BAUNAT has the perfect collection for it.

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