How to find the best Christmas gift during COVID times

Which Christmas gift to choose for your loved ones during COVID times? Read our guide and let BAUNAT help you.

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Should I choose a green sapphire in the engagement ring?

The green sapphire is an unusual gemstone for an engagement ring, but it has its own special charm.

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Yellow diamond necklace Tailor made by BAUNAT

Jewellery trends and innovations in 2020

Are you curious about the jewellery trends of 2020? The experts at BAUNAT give you an update on the most important jewellery trends and innovations in the diamond sector.

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Caring for a diamond ring with a fabric cloth — BAUNAT

What's the best way to clean your jewellery?

Cleaning your jewellery; where to start? The BAUNAT jewellery experts provide practical tips on jewellery cleaning, safekeeping and upkeep.

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Woman wears diamond tiara in her hair on her wedding day - BAUNAT

Diamonds in your hair with a diamond tiara

Can you still buy a diamond tiara nowadays, and how do you combine it? The experts at BAUNAT give you tips and an explanation.

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Choose a Double Ring for Double the Sparkle

How do you wear a double ring on the same finger? • Design your own tailor made double ring • Our BAUNAT experts are on hand to help

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