Mexican Engagement Ring Traditions

Discover how times have changed in Mexican engagement ring traditions, along with the kind of engagement ring Mexican women want, with BAUNAT.

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Engagement ring by BAUNAT

Cocktail Ring Vs. Engagement Ring: What Is the Difference?

Discover the history of the cocktail rings and how they differ from engagement rings. Can I wear a cocktail ring as an engagement ring? BAUNAT informs.

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Diamond engagement ring

The Characteristics of a Catholic Engagement Ring

Discover what separates catholic wedding traditions and engagement rings from other religions, and non-religious wedding traditions. Learn more with BAUNAT.

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Loose diamond

Engagement Ring Myths, Superstitions & Wish Traditions

Is it bad luck to lose your engagement ring? Discover engagement ring myths, superstitions and wish traditions in this expert guide by BAUNAT.

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Bride wears BAUNAT sapphire bridal jewellery

Which jewellery completes your bridal look on your wedding day?

Not sure of the best diamond jewellery to wear on your wedding day? BAUNAT gives advice and tips on how to complete your bridal look.

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How to remove a too-tight ring? - BAUNAT

How to safely and painlessly remove a ring that is stuck on your finger

How do I remove a ring that is stuck on my finger? • The BAUNAT experts are here to get you out of a fix

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