Find your earrings or ear studs for your wedding

Are you planning on getting married? In addition to the wedding dress and the wedding rings, you need the right wedding earrings. Find out how to choose the right jewellery.

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When is the right time to get married after the engagement?

Have you got engaged and want to get married, but don't know when is the right time? BAUNAT explains.

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Diamond engagement ring

The Characteristics of a Catholic Engagement Ring

Discover what separates catholic wedding traditions and engagement rings from other religions, and non-religious wedding traditions. Learn more with BAUNAT.

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What Hand Do You Wear Your Wedding Ring On, Right or Left?

Learn what hand to wear your engagement and wedding ring on and how different cultures do it. Get the information with BAUNAT.

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Wedding etiquette: which gold jewellery does the dress code call for

As a guest, how do I meet the required dress code for a wedding? • What gold jewellery do I wear as a bride? • Prepare festively with BAUNAT.

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Bride wears BAUNAT sapphire bridal jewellery

Which jewellery completes your bridal look on your wedding day?

Not sure of the best diamond jewellery to wear on your wedding day? BAUNAT gives advice and tips on how to complete your bridal look.

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