Engagement ring ideas

Engagement ring ideas for the ideal ring

Would you like to buy an engagement ring and are looking for inspiration? Discover our ideas for a noble ring.

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Choose an engagement ring with a 4-carat diamond

Are you looking for a precious and luxurious engagement 4- carat engagement ring? BAUNAT tells you what you should pay attention to.

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Rings on different fingers

Which Finger Does The Engagement Ring Go On?

Have you ever wondered which finger an engagement ring goes on? Discover the customs towards the engagement ring finger in this expert guide from BAUNAT.

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Proposal in paris

BAUNAT’s Guide to Engagement Ring Shopping in Paris

Do you want to create an engagement moment like no other? Discover engagement ring shopping in Paris with this expert guide by BAUNAT.

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What Hand Do You Wear Your Engagement and Wedding Ring On, Right or Left?

Learn what hand to wear your engagement and wedding ring on and how different cultures do it. Get the information with BAUNAT.

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Wedding etiquette: which gold jewellery does the dress code call for

As a guest, how do I meet the required dress code for a wedding? • What gold jewellery do I wear as a bride? • Prepare festively with BAUNAT.

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