Can I buy an engagement ring with a precious stone?

Surprise your fiancée with a special precious stone engagement ring. Do you choose a ruby, sapphire or emerald in combination with a diamond?

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Expensive and High-Quality Diamond Engagement Rings

Looking for an exclusive ring suitable for a bigger budget? Discover BAUNAT’s favourite expensive and high-quality diamond engagement rings now.

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Sapphire and diamond engagement ring

Should You Choose a Sapphire or Diamond Engagement Ring?

Are you trying to make up your mind between a sapphire or diamond engagement ring? Read this expert guide by BAUNAT to find the perfect choice for you.

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Woman wears diamond tiara in her hair on her wedding day - BAUNAT

Diamonds in your hair with a diamond tiara

Can you still buy a diamond tiara nowadays, and how do you combine it? The experts at BAUNAT give you tips and an explanation.

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Do you know your partner's birthstone? - BAUNAT

Which birthstone belongs to which month?

What is a birthstone? • What unique healing and fortifying properties do they have? • BAUNAT summarises them for you per month. Read more here

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Which royal crown has the most beautiful diamond?

Which are the most exclusive diamond collections in the world? • BAUNAT shows off its endless expertise • Discover all about exclusive diamond jewellery

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