The ring that prince Charles gave to his former fiancée, Lady Diana Spencer, is probably one of the most famous engagement rings in the world. Designed by jeweller Garrard, Lady Di’s engagement ring cost about £28.500. The ring sat apart from the engagement rings of nearly the rest of the British Royal Family. What’s remarkable is that it was neither unique nor custom-made. At the time of Diana and Charles’ engagement, the ring was already featured in Garrad’s jewellery collection. The ring consists of fourteen small diamonds surrounding a 12-carat oval blue Ceylon sapphire and set in 18-carat white gold.  The ring became a big trend in the eighties, and many brides-to-be wore a Lady Di engagement ring replica around their finger. 


Lady Diana continued wearing the ring even after her divorce and following her death, the ring became  part of the inheritance. Prince Harry chose the ring to keep her memory alive, while Prince William chose her Cartier watch. However, the brothers had a deal that the first one to get engaged would give the ring to his fiancée, which is why it’s now around Kate Middleton’s finger. During a trip to Kenya, where William proposed to Kate, he hid the ring in his backpack. After the couple’s engagement, the engagement ring has become popular.
Many Lady Di engagement ring replicas have been sold since then. Want to get your own Lady Di-inspired engagement ring for your engagement? Coloured diamonds and gemstones are very trendy this year, and you can find a similar ring in our current collection.

Or do you want a unique engagement ring that perfectly matches your style? BAUNAT’s tailor-made service will make a customised ring based on your design.
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