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The diamond price: a complete overview

The 4 C's (carat, colour, clarity, cut) are the standard used to determine and compare the price of diamonds, but economic fluctuations and market trends can also impact. To compare the cost of different diamonds you divide the price by the diamond’s respective weight, however, the result is not 100% accurate.

How is the price of diamonds determined?

How is the price of diamonds determined?

The 4 c's are the standard used to determine and compare the price of diamonds. Professional certification by an independent laboratory is therefore of the utmost importance. However, different laboratories give different grades. This is why BAUNAT always works together with the 3 most respected laboratories: GIA, IGI and HRD.

These diamond prices were calculated on 1/04/2020. Because of the constant fluctuating exchange rates and raw material prices, it may be that the current price has changed. Please consult the products on our website for the most up-to-date price.
Other external factors that determine the price are the market share of diamond giant De Beers and economic fluctuations. However, the price of diamonds reacts only very lightly to economic fluctuations, which confirms the crisis resistance of diamonds.

How does the price of a diamond evolve?

The prices of diamonds have remained stable for long periods of time throughout history. Recent studies, however predict an increase in price over the next decades because of the increasing demand and diminishing supply. As things stand, several diamond mines have dried up and hardly any new mines have been discovered.

There are other options being considered, such as mining diamonds from the sea. For now, this is still a very expensive option that would translate itself into an increased diamond price worldwide.

What does this mean for investment diamonds?

Given the expected price rise and the expected decline in offer, now would be a good time
to buy diamonds for investment purposes. White diamonds with a minimum of 1 Carat with a G colour, VS2 purity and a good cut quality are the best choice. The price for these diamonds will increase over the coming years.

What is the impact on diamond jewellery?

When it comes to the price of diamond jewellery, you should also take into account the price of the precious metal. Gold, for example, experienced some serious collapses several times over the past few years. Still, the outlook looks relatively positive, although it remains a hard-to-predict market. It is also important to buy gold jewellery set with diamonds from a trusted source, as gold is often mixed with other precious metals.

What makes a diamond jewel so very valuable, however, is mainly the diamond itself.

The current diamond jewellery market has a worth of approximately 70 billion euros, and about 10% sold online. The price of diamonds and diamond jewellery you find online is on average 30-50% lower than in physical stores.

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