We all have this preconceived idea that when proposing, the bigger the diamond the better, and that may be true some but does not necessarily have to apply to all. But what is actually considered a standard average size and what is thought to be a large engagement ring? We are going to delve into these details here and also highlight how location can affect expectations regarding the size of engagement rings.

  • What falls in the category of big engagement rings?
  • How can location influence expectations regarding big engagement rings?

What falls in the category of big engagement rings?

When we talk about big diamonds and big engagement rings, what we are referring to here is the carat weight of the diamond, not to the measurements that can vary depending on its shape and cut. The carat weight is the unit of measure used to weigh a diamond and it is stated in metric measurements called carats. One carat is equal to 200mg or 0.20gr.

Carat is the primary feature that determines the value of the diamond, it is closely followed then by colour, clarity and the quality of the cut, commonly called the 4Cs.

Therefore, what is considered a big diamond? An average sized diamond weighs between 0.50ct and 1ct. Those sizes can be called commercial because they are not only highly popular, but because they offer all the brilliance and fire women look for in diamonds and they are still big enough to be easily noticed.

But a big engagement ring is set with a diamond that weighs from 1,50ct, 2cts and more. From 2cts up, a diamond that size looks undoubtedly like a shining star.

A big engagement ring and a tiara are a match made in heaven. BAUNAT.

How can location influence expectations regarding big engagement rings?

Whether you live in a large metropolis such as New York or London or in a smaller city in a rural area, your expectations may be different but that is not necessarily related to your financial situation or taste.

As expectations are primarily influenced by the differences in lifestyles it makes sense that a lady’s expectation in terms of size of an engagement ring may differ too.

It seems that in more rural areas the preferred size varies between 0,50ct and 1ct, with on average, a tendency towards the lower range of half a carat.

In contrast, ladies in large cities such as London, have higher expectations that start with at least 1,50cts.

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