When men go shopping for an engagement ring, they often want to know what the market has to offer. Along with the different types of ring settings and diamond shapes, the carat (the weight or size of the diamond) is an important element where many questions are asked about. The average total carat weight of a diamond engagement ring is just above one carat, 1.18 ct. It is understandable that the average size of a diamond engagement ring varies by region. In cities like New York and London, the average carat weight is higher - from 1.50 to 2 ct - than in rural areas, where women have to be happy with a smaller diamond - between 0.50 and 1 ct.

When choosing a diamond, it is important to know that carat weight determines the value. But the price will also be affected by the degree of colour, clarity, and the quality of the cut. If you want to get the most when purchasing a large diamond engagement ring, you can choose for a trilogy ring or halo styles. With these rings, the total carat weight is divided over several smaller diamonds, which is considerably less expensive than a solitaire diamond ring of the same carat. Trilogy engagement rings and halo designs are also original. A central round diamond flanked by two pear-shaped diamonds, or - why not - two beautiful baguettes. And remember: The more diamonds, the more the ring will sparkle and how the more luxurious the complete look will be.

No matter how big you want your diamond(s) to be, at BAUNAT we definitely have perfect engagement ring for your beloved.

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