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Sofie Kuppens

“Logistics Champion”, which is the title Sofie was awarded with in 2018, leads and supervises the processing of orders and logistics and closely working together with the BAUNAT order team. She strives to ensure maximum customer satisfaction by keeping our clients up to date in the production process and delivering on-time. To improve her product expertise even further, Sofie completed the Diamond Foundation Course by De Beers, which makes her a true diamond specialist.

Blog articles by Sofie Kuppens

Jewellery in Paris

Buying Diamond Earrings in Paris

Why is Paris the ideal city to buy diamond earrings? What is the best place to buy earrings. Make an appointment in our BAUNAT Paris showroom.

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Asymmetrical diamond earrings in 18Kt white gold

How do I wear asymmetrical earrings?

What look do asymmetrical earrings go with? What are their advantages and disadvantages? BAUNAT provides an overview.

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Blond woman wearing large earrings

How do I wear large statement earrings?

Discover how to style statement earrings from your outfit to your hairstyle in this guide from BAUNAT.

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Earrings with black diamonds

Earrings and ear studs with black diamonds

Looking for earrings and studs with a truly masculine look? Black diamonds are the perfect choice for men.

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Solitaire white gold ring and diamond bracelet

Why choose a marquise engagement ring?

Floral designs with flowers or leaves are becoming increasingly popular for engagement rings. BAUNAT explains why.

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Find a Parisian jeweller for your perfect engagement ring, like this couple.

Which is the best Parisian jeweller for engagement rings?

Paris is the world's luxury capital, so it is an excellent place to find an engagement ring. Visit our BAUNAT showroom in Paris.

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