Buying a one of a kind engagement ring for your loved one can be a scary task. There are so many things to take into consideration, from the stone and the 4C’s, to the style and the budget you can or are willing to spend. So, here's a quick guide to choosing one of the most important aspects, the carat size of the diamond.




How many carats is right for your engagement ring?

Depending on which area of the world you live in, the average diamond carat weight in an engagement ring can vary. But there seems to be a common popular average carat size that can be witnessed in many countries: the 1.00-1.50ct size diamond. For reference, a one carat diamond is about 6.5mm.

It seems to be the perfect size for a diamond solitaire engagement ring as it is not too big, not too small and suits all hand sizes. You may think 1.00ct diamonds are highly-priced, but the value can vary quite a bit. For instance, the shape influences the price considerably, a round diamond will always be more expensive than a cushion or a princess cut with all other factors being equal. This is mainly because round diamonds have the highest sparkle and are the most popular.

Then you need to take into account the other 3C’s that were established by the GIA: cut, clarity and colour (carat being the fourth C). A perfect D colour and IF clarity diamond will be considerably more expensive than a G colour and VS2 clarity 1.00 carat stone, but if the cut is very good, a G VS2 will look very beautiful too. A large diamond would be one over 2.00 carats. Therefore, depending on your budget, you can purchase the same size diamond and just choose different characteristics that would fit your budget better.

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Alternatives: Halo, & Trilogy

Should a 1.00ct diamond not be possible for you, then we would recommend two other designs that will make the whole look optically bigger: The halo and the trilogy design.

The halo is perfect should you wish to still have the one centre stone style. Extra sparkle is added through a circle of smaller diamonds surrounding the centre stone, so even if the centre stone weighs just 0.50ct, the whole design will be just as stunning and brilliant.
The trilogy design can be an original alternative as instead of it being one stone that weighs 1.00ct, you can have three smaller stones that total 1.00ct. Furthermore, the trilogy symbolises the past, present and future of your relationship which adds a romantic vibe to the design.

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