If you think you have a large collection of diamond jewellery, you might have not heard of the world´s biggest diamond collections. The amount of diamond earrings, crowns, loose gemstones, etc., and the beauty and brilliance speak to its imagination. And we have not even talked about the priceless value of all diamonds together. Let us take a look at the three largest diamond collections in the world:

British crown jewels

The British crown jewels are by far the largest collection diamond jewellery, including the regalia. Diamond earrings, crowns, swords, scepters, etc., all set with beautiful diamonds and gemstones. The King´s Crown already has 2.868 diamonds. The diamond collection also includes the Cullinan I, one of the largest (530.2 carat) and most expensive diamonds in the world. The so called Great star of Africa is set in the scepter of the British King, but the stone can also be worn by the Queen in a brooch. The British crown jewels are displayed in the Tower of London.

Iranian Yellows

The Iranian Yellows is a collection of 23 yellow diamonds, all from the African mines. The largest stone has a rectangular shape and weighs 152.16 carat. The diamonds were taken over by Nasser al-Din Kadjar, the king of Iran from 1896-1949, during his trip to Europe in 1889. These diamonds have a total weight of 1,738.51 carat. 

Aurora Pyramid of Hope

The Aurora Pyramid of Hope is the most extensive collection of naturally colored diamonds in the world. The collections consists of 296 different colored diamonds including a variety of popular color hues, such as blue, pink, red, green, orange, purple, yellow and brown diamonds, in all their nuances. Many women would love to set these in for example a beautiful pair of diamond earrings. This collection is displayed in the Natural History Museum of London.

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