Coloured diamonds are on the rise, and next to the romantic pink colour, also yellow coloured diamonds are getting very popular. Yellow diamonds arise from the presence of nitrogen atoms in the carbon grid from which a diamond consists. The more nitrogen atoms, the more intense the yellow colour. Therefore, is the yellow diamond more rare compared to the white or the colourless diamond. However, the yellow colour is not the most expensive. So, if you are planning on buying a coloured diamond, but you don’t want to spend too much, buying a yellow diamond is the best option. We would like to list our favourite models for you: 

Yellow diamond earrings

Would you love to buy a pair of stunning yellow diamond earrings? Go for a model as simple as possible. The beautiful yellow colour has enough attention on its own. Therefore, you don’t need to go for a pair of oversized earrings. Less is more, definitely when you want to emphasise the yellow colour of the diamonds.

A pendant with yellow diamond

A lovely necklace with a pendant, set with a yellow diamond, possibly combined with colourless diamonds, has a timeless elegant appearance. The yellow colour will be fully appreciated in its white gold or platinum setting. Combined with a yellow golden setting, it gives a more classic look. We strongly discourage a red gold setting.

Yellow diamond ring

It’s very romantic and original to buy your girlfriend a yellow diamond ring. Not only is she now wearing an elegant ring around her finger, you added an eye-catcher to her collection.

Plans to buy a (yellow) diamond jewel? Take a look at our extensive collection. Do you have interest in or questions about a specific model? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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