Tailor made necklaces

A diamond necklace is an ideal jewel to enhance your outfit and to complete your look, it accentuates your figure and lights up your face. It is a lifetime investment that can be worn on any occasion. Your preferred design depends completely on your personal style and taste.

Mid-length necklaces, choker necklaces, princess necklaces, opera necklaces, long necklaces… there are a myriad of types of necklaces to choose from.
Composed of a chain made of a precious metal, with one or more decorative elements, the necklace also deserves to become a personalised object just as much as any other jewel. Should you not be able to find a necklace of your liking in our standard collection, we can create a tailor made necklace for you.

To personalise your necklace, our experts and artisan goldsmiths will answer any of your requests with the greatest pleasure.
Request a quotation Create your tailor made jewel.