Building up a jewellery collection takes some serious thought. Jewellery can last an entire lifetime, and each piece tells its own tale, evoking memories of important milestones in our lives and represents our life story. So what kinds of jewellery are out there, and what are the absolute must-haves? In this expert guide, we give you everything you need to start your own jewellery collection.

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How do I start my jewellery collection?

In many stylists', experts' and jewellers' opinion, we should regard five pieces of jewellery as essential. If your jewellery collection is still in its infancy, these five are perhaps the best place to start. It's all about quality jewellery that you can wear every day, for the rest of your life. Each item of jewellery is a classic that transcends trends and can be combined with a range of outfits.
In most cases, a woman's engagement ring and wedding ring truly kick-starts her jewellery collection.
After the engagement and wedding rings, you can look out for stud earrings and a solitaire pendant . A gold or diamond bracelet completes the 'essentials'. All these pieces of jewellery make for a solid investment, one that is often handed down several generations.

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10 essential pieces for every woman's collection

Woman wearing BAUNAT jewellery, including stud earrings from her jewellery collection.

1. Diamond stud earrings

Diamond stud earrings, or studs, are an example of typical must-have jewellery. They are timeless, elegant, understated, and add sparkle to any outfit. Opt for medium-sized studs, preferably between 0.30 and 0.75 carat per stone.

Diamonds of 1 carat or above are stunning, of course, but not always easy to wear every day. Quality is absolutely key when it comes to stud earrings. Opt for a colour of G to H (not perfect, but nigh on colourless), and a clarity of around VS2-SI1 (Very Small Included and Small Included).

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Woman wearing dainty BAUNAT jewellery

2. A dainty necklace

A dainty necklace is a staple that all women must have in their jewellery box. Whether it should be a long or short necklace depends on a number of factors. Tall, slim women look best wearing a long necklace. If you are on the shorter side, you will be better off choosing a short necklace, as a long one will accentuate your smaller stature.

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Woman wearing a BAUNAT tennis bracelet

3. A tennis bracelet

Likewise, with a tennis bracelet you'll be hitting an ace every time. This has long been a cherished gift, to give or receive. It is a relatively simple bracelet, set with stunning round diamonds, all the way round. The effect is rather beautiful, as if a river of diamonds is flowing over your skin. This is why a tennis bracelet is also popularly known as a river bracelet.

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Red gold, star-shaped earrings - BAUNAT

4. Festive earrings

You can never have enough different pairs of earrings. This way there's always something to wear for every occasion. Would you like to have an extra pair of earrings apart from the stud earrings? If so, opt for something festive, such as these stunning pendants from the L’Etoile collection. There's no doubting you'll be in the spotlight, wherever you go.

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Woman wearing a BAUNAT diamond pear-shaped pendant

5. A diamond pendant

Diamond pendants are a classic addition to any jewellery collection. If you have a simple gold necklace, you can alternate different pendants, should you wish. This way you don't have to invest in several necklaces but can still create different looks.

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Flower cocktail ring in your jewellery collection — BAUNAT

6. A cocktail ring

Just as with earrings, you can also stand out from the crowd at a special occasion by wearing a statement ring.Cocktail rings are perfect as they are often large, striking and very sparkly.

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BAUNAT cuff bracelet in a fishtail design

7. A cuff bracelet

The timeless cuff bracelet is a piece of jewellery that all women love to look at and wear. Perhaps due to its simple, yet exceptionally elegant, design. It’s an absolute must-have for your jewellery collection. Will you opt for the timeless yellow gold look, or a more contemporary look in white gold, set with diamonds? The ways you can mix & match are endless, and the cuff bracelet complements any outfit or occasion. Go for a sporty look with jeans and white trainers, or a more sophisticated look, wearing the cuff bracelet as the finishing touch to your stylish evening gown.

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A few BAUNAT stackable rings

8. Stackable rings

A very popular trend nowadays is to combine rings. Stackable rings make this very easy to do. These rather modest rings by themselves, when put together create a stunning look. They fit well together, making them very easy to combine.

You can choose to wear them all on one finger or on different fingers. By mixing & matching your stackable rings in different ways, you can create a unique look every day of the week.

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Woman wearing BAUNAT diamond hoop earrings

9. Hoop earrings

Hoop earrings come in all shapes and sizes. At BAUNAT we have very simple hoop earrings set with diamonds, as well as more elaborate ones. Choosing a pair that matches your style and your other jewellery won't be a problem at all.

A smaller version of this type of earring are simple pendants for everyday wear, at home or in the office. They won't get in the way.

Larger hoop earrings are also very popular, especially among celebrities.

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Add a BAUNAT diamond name pendant to your jewellery collection.

10. Personalised name pendant

What could be better than a pendant personalised with your name? At BAUNAT you can have a personalised diamond pendant made in the shape of your name, a letter or a word of your choice.

Not only does this make for a fantastic addition to your jewellery collection, but it's also a fabulous gift.

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Decide on your style

When building up your jewellery collection, one key aspect is to find and stick to your particular style. All being well, you will be wearing this collection for the rest of your life. So it is vital that your diamond jewellery complements your clothing, appearance and physique.

Classic pieces

You simply cannot go wrong with a classic look. It forms a gorgeous base for your jewellery collection. BAUNAT has a special collection of classic pieces just for you. The jewellery in this collection matches any outfit, be that a simple white blouse you're wearing at the office, or a party outfit. With an understated, elegant appearance and charm these comprise timeless pieces of jewellery. A great investment that you can eventually gift as a legacy to your daughter or godchild.
A classic piece of jewellery makes for a lovely gift for any woman who adores simplicity

Statement pieces

Besides classic jewellery, we also advise you add a few special design pieces to your collection. These are the ideal way to accentuate your own inimitable style. BAUNAT has a number of design collections by renowned designers.
Woman wearing diamond jewellery from the Dancing Lady collection — BAUNAT
The Dancing Lady is a collection by designer Elke Peeters that subtly represents feminine beauty, by means of a slow dance.

Bridal and special occasion jewellery

As a bride, the world is your oyster. The best jewellery to wear on your big day very much depends on the dress you have chosen to wear. We highly recommend wearing a set, to ensure everything combines well together. A stunning statement necklace will always draw the eye, all the more so if you'll be wearing a dress with an open neckline.

Slightly more extravagant diamond jewellery is also ideal to wear on other special occasions too. Take a special flower bracelet, or a fabulous long pendant for example.

Mix & match jewellery

Woman combines her wedding and engagement rings on the same finger — BAUNAT
If your jewellery collection is well-established, you could start combining your pieces. It's no longer innapropriate to combine different colours of precious metals, textures or precious stones; you can mix & match to your heart's content.

Mixing & matching rings is best done with stackable rings. They are designed to complement one another.

When combining necklaces, ideally try to make sure they have different lengths, so each one can shine on its own as well.

You can also combine bracelets. In this instance, opt for understated, dainty bracelets. An elegant bracelet such as a tennis bracelet can even be worn alongside your watch for a trendy look.

Personalised pieces

As your jewellery collection grows, you can choose to have some personalised pieces made just for you. Personalised pieces have their own story to tell, a story about an important time in your life, about your unique style, or about who you are. You can keep that story alive by designing your own jewellery, or having it designed for someone else. Personalised jewellery is highly significant. You don't even have to buy a new piece of jewellery, you could have an heirloom reworked into a new piece of jewellery.

Would you like jewellery that has been especially made for you, and that tells your story? At BAUNAT you can have your jewellery made to your own design. Have a piece engraved, or add your birth stone to transform it into a timeless, unique keepsake. It will not only be a fantastic addition to your jewellery collection, but a very thoughtful gift too.

Renewing your collection

The bigger your collection becomes, the higher the chance you might lose track of what you have. Do you still wear all your lovely jewellery? Time to reorganise your collection. Start by sorting through your jewellery box. This will give you insight into what you actually have. Lay out what's inside and decide on what you would and wouldn't like to keep. By organising your jewellery into 3 categories this will be a very simple task:

  • Keep. The pieces you are still attached to are best kept. These diamond jewellery pieces often hold emotional value and are worn frequently.
  • Remodeling. You may find that some jewellery no longer complements your style yet contain beautiful diamonds or precious stones. These can be remodelled into new jewellery. The precious metals can also be recycled too.
  • Sell. Pieces you really no longer like are better disposed of. By selling these pieces they can be enjoyed by a new owner, and you can replace them with other pieces.

Your collection as an investment

Do you have some money put aside that you'd like to make a low risk investment with, for a medium to long-term return on your investment? Investing in diamonds is certainly worth thinking about. The market is showing a fall in supply and rise in demand: the ultimate formula for rising market prices. In the aftermath of the financial crisis in 2008, diamond prices fell by a few percent. But since then these have steadily risen, with experts saying that trend is set to continue.
A few small diamonds soon amount to a noteworthy asset.
It might also possibly be the only investment you can wear. Be sure to track market trends, to determine the right time to buy or sell.

Of course, you can also invest in other significant precious stones. The price of ruby, emerald and sapphire is not stock exchange linked, so cannot be manipulated like shares can. Coloured precious stones are becoming scarcer, and across the globe, qualitative stones are always prized. Be sure to opt for reasonably large, high quality stones.
An expert advises on a ring for a jewellery collection — BAUNAT
A stone's quality is tricky to ascertain with the naked eye. A certificate provides the necessary proof, of course. Needless to say, natural stones are the preferred option. It is always advisable to seek an expert's help in making the differentiation between real and synthetic.

Jewellery upkeep

To ensure continued enjoyment of your stunning jewellery for as long as possible, it is important to think about its safekeeping. Choose somewhere that is dust-free and dry. In actual fact, the jewellery's original packaging is designed with its content's protection in mind. Transparent jewellery boxes or ring holders will also do the job. Place your engagement and wedding ring in an (open) ring holder on your bedside table at night-time. Try to prevent the precious stones scraping one another as this can cause damage
Many people keep their rings in the bathroom, but moisture can oxidise and discolour your jewellery.
You can keep jewellery that you don't wear every day, yet wish to keep close to hand, in a fabric or leather jewellery box. Opt for a jewellery box with several compartments, or separate jewellery by individually wrapping each piece.

Besides safekeeping your jewellery, it is also important to take it off at certain times. When swimming, whilst under the shower or whilst doing household chores; at times like these your jewellery can come into contact with substances such as chlorine or salt water. These can damage or discolour your precious metals.

Jewellery cleaning

Although having your jewellery cleaned by your jeweller is always the best option, there are other specific ways in which you can clean your jewellery yourself, depending on the attributes of the precious metal and the type of precious stone. A safe way to clean your gold is by mixing a solution of warm water and detergent. Leave to soak for around 20-40 minutes, polish gently with a very soft toothbrush and rinse under warm running water. Repeat if necessary. In most cases, the same cleaning method can be applied to diamonds.
Return the sparkle to your diamond by cleaning it in mild lukewarm soapy water - BAUNAT
A mild neutral detergent and some gentle scrubbing will restore the sparkle to all the facets of your diamond.

Mix a 50/50 solution of window cleaning fluid and hydrogen peroxide in a small bowl. After a few minutes you can gently remove all dirt with a soft toothbrush.

Having your collection examined by a jeweller

Rings that you wear regularly, might get damaged sooner. Even if you take all the aforementioned upkeep tips into account. Your jeweller will usually be able to detect issues that are invisible to the naked eye. How often you will need to have your diamond ring examined depends on how frequently you wear it. It is advisable to have your jewellery looked at once a year.

The process is usually broken down into 3 stages: the safety check, cleaning and polishing. With a white gold ring a new layer of rhodium will also be applied to the ring, to revitalise its lovely white hue.

The biggest jewellery collections in the world

1. The United Kingdom's Crown Jewels

The Tower of London, where the Crown Jewels are on display — BAUNAT
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