For centuries, coloured diamonds have been the most exclusive and prized gemstones in the world. This doesn’t seem to change, because this week a ‘fancy’ 8.41 carat, pear shaped pink diamond was sold for a tremendous amount of 14,25 million euros. A new record, because never in history such a large sum per carat was paid for a diamond of this kind.

The auction house Sotheby’s was apparently also surprised, because this rare diamond yielded 2,4 million euros more than expected. The identity of the person, who purchased the most expensive pink diamond ever, is still unknown.  According to Sotheby’s, more than 200 people were present in the auction room.    

Rare diamond with a perfect clarity

This specific diamond has a perfect brightness and is therefore extremely scarce. It belongs to the most exceptional and most wanted colored diamonds ever seen at a diamond auction’, explains Sotheby’s in a press release. This makes sense, because only 1 on 10.000 pink diamonds gets the status ‘fancy’ according to an official scale.

The majority of pink diamonds are explored in Australia. As a result, the Argyle mine of the diamond company Rio Tinto in Western Australia, is one of the wealthiest sources of natural pink diamonds in the world. 

Looking for an affordable diamond?

To be honest, a pink super diamond is not something for everyone. Moreover, the prices keep on growing each year, due to the restricted supply. A preferable pink diamond only fits the financial budget of oil sheikhs, rich industrials and investment funds.

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