Do you know how much to spend on the cost of your future partner’s engagement ring?

That is a very difficult question for many getting ready to propose to someone. An engagement ring should be a once-in-a-lifetime purchase, but what is the average price for an engagement ring? Is there a ‘good price’ for every engagement ring? After all, rings are very personal, especially engagement rings.

The experts at BAUNAT will answer some frequently asked questions to help you on your way:

  • What is the average price of an engagement ring?
  • How is the average price of an engagement ring determined?
  • How do you find a quality diamond engagement ring without overpaying on the price?

BAUNAT’s average engagement ring cost:

  • Minimum price: €900, excl. VAT. Around 0.25 carats.
  • €2,500 - €5,000 – 0.70 and 1.00 carats.
  • €5,000 - €10,000 – 1.00 and 1.50 carats.
  • €10,000 - €25,000 – 1.50 and 3.00 carats. 
  • €25,000 - €50,000 – 3.00 carats or higher. 
  • Over €50,000 – Exceptionally high diamond quality

Average price categories for modern engagement rings | An overview

It is often not easy to picture exactly what type of engagement ring you can get at each price level. This short overview below will summarise which amount corresponds with the specifications best.

  • Minimum price of a round engagement ring €900, excl. VAT
  • Minimum carat weight round 0.25 ct.
  • Average carat weight between 0.30 and 0.70 ct.
  • Often with a centre diamond
  • More yellow, white and red gold than platinum
€2500 - €5.000
  • Average engagement ring price category
  • Carat weight between 0.70 and 1.00 ct.
  • More premium quality than high quality
  • Both gold and platinum
  • Wide choice of engagement rings with and without side diamonds
  • Unique cuts available
€5.000 - €10.000
  • Carat weight between 1.00 and 1.50 ct.
  • Several large diamonds available
  • Several coloured gemstones available
  • Custom designs available
€10.000 – €25.000
  • Carat weight between 1.50 and 3.00 ct.
  • Several high-quality diamonds available
  • Available as investment diamonds
€25.000 - €50.000
  • Average carat weight of 3.00 or higher
  • Deep coloured diamonds available
  • Wide range of custom and personalisation options
  • Choice of exclusive jewellery
  • Exceptionally high diamond quality available
  • Wide range of investment diamonds
  • Exclusive coloured diamonds available
  • Wide range of custom designs available
  • Wide choice of exclusive jewellery


Diamond rings have been popular for years, as these adverts show. In this guide, we’ll break down the price of a diamond engagement ring.

What are the traditions regarding engagement ring prices?

Like the engagement ring itself, the price of an engagement ring is also associated with certain traditions and etiquette. In the 1930s, an advertising campaign by the diamond giant De Beers declared that an engagement ring should cost a month’s wages. Based on the success of this campaign, the slogan ten years later dictated that the average price of an engagement ring should be two months’ wages.
This table outlines the average prices of engagement rings based on the purchase country.

What is the average price for an engagement ring?

Traditional recommended retail prices are still maintained by the average American today. A British person spends around €2,000, but the average European spends around €2,500. Australians easily spend €4,000.

Engagement rings with a price below €2,500

The minimum average price for an engagement ring is around €900, excluding VAT. Even at this starting price, you can get a lovely yellow, white, or red gold engagement ring like this halo ring with a centre princess diamond.
Find out the price of diamond engagement rings, like this one with a sapphire from BAUNAT.

Gold engagement ring with a diamond or coloured gemstone

The average carat weight for an engagement ring is between 0.50 and 1.00 carats. The average cost of a 1.00-carat engagement ring is between €3000 and €5000. Here you can see a halo ring with a round centre sapphire for just over €2000.

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The closer an engagement ring price gets to €2500, the more luxurious the materials. To make the comparison clearer, let’s take a look at the same halo ring with a centre princess diamond, this time in platinum rather than white gold.

Do you have a special design in mind? The ‘Toi et Moi’ engagement ring is a nice example where the two equally sized diamonds symbolise the bond between the two partners.

Or what do you think about a trilogy ring with three equally sized diamonds to symbolise the past, present, and future? Rings with other precious stones like ruby, sapphire, and emerald are also within budget. Each precious stone also has its own symbolic story. Perfect for romantic souls!

Engagement rings with an average price of €2500 to €5000

A solitaire diamond engagement ring with side diamonds from the BAUNAT collection priced between €2500 and €5000.
The average price for an engagement ring in Belgium is between €2500 and €5000; for that, you can buy a ring with a carat weight between 0.70 and 1.00, and you can go for premium quality.

With many of the rings on our website, you can choose between ‘high quality’ and ‘premium quality’, as you can see with this solitaire ring. The difference in colour and clarity (remember the 4Cs) is apparent in the details. The premium quality ring with a quality combination of G for colour and VS2 for clarity will sparkle even more thanks to the slight difference in colour and clarity.

At this price, you have a wide choice of engagement rings with or without side diamonds and can choose from several unique cuts like a pear cut or a princess cut.

Since platinum is a little more expensive than gold, it is better to limit yourself to white, yellow, or red gold with a budget below €2500. Platinum is definitely possible with a higher budget. 

With a budget of €4000 excl. VAT and over, a made-to-measure engagement ring is possible.

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Diamond engagement rings with a price of €5000 to €10,000

Three diamond engagement rings from the BAUNAT collection priced between €2500 and €5000.

Several diamonds or coloured gemstones are also possible

Engagement rings with an average price between €5000 and €10,000 are just above the usual budget for most buyers. Given the large margin between these two amounts, we will illustrate the price difference with several concrete examples. Do you plan to pay more than €5000 for your intended’s engagement ring? Then you may want to consider several larger diamonds.
Engagement rings with the Toi & Moi design or a trilogy ring are definitely possible. With a larger budget, of course, you can go for bigger stones. Consider this Toi & Moi ring with a total carat weight of 1.50 and this trilogy ring with a total 2-carat diamond weight.

Engagement rings with an average price of €10,000 to €25,000

Engagement rings with a price of €10,000 to €25,000

Three diamond engagement rings from the BAUNAT collection priced between €10,000 and €25,000.

Choose premium quality diamonds with colour G and clarity VS2

As we previously stated, the average price of an engagement ring is largely determined by the total carat weight of the diamonds. With a budget between €10,000 and €25,000, you can slide a ring of at least 1.50 to 3.00 carats onto your loved one’s finger. We will also advise you on how to spend your budget wisely by choosing several premium quality diamonds.
Diamonds from this price class are also considered to be investment diamonds. An engagement ring with an average cost between €10,000 and €25,000 is not just an investment in your romantic relationship but also your financial future.

Engagement rings with an average price of €25,000 to €50,000

Three diamond engagement rings from the BAUNAT collection priced between €25,000 and €50,000.

Go for intensely coloured diamonds or a made-to-measure design

You can be sure to have all the hallmarks discussed in the previous examples when you choose an engagement ring from BAUNAT with a price between €25,000 and €50,000. Moreover, you have a wide choice of rings with intensely coloured diamonds within this budget. Elegant, timeless, and extra eye-catching! After all, a coloured diamond will guarantee extra sparkle! Within this budget, you will definitely find the perfect ring for you in our collection of exclusive jewellery.

A budget of up to €50,000 will also allow you to create an even more unique ring by choosing a made-to-measure option. Think small coloured diamonds or unique cuts that are not standard, such as a heartemeraldmarquiseradiant or cushion cut.
A budget of up to €50,000 will also enable you to create an even more personal ring by choosing a made-to-measure option. Think small coloured diamonds or unique cuts that are not offered as standard such as a heart, emerald, marquise, radiant or cushion cut.

Engagement rings with a price above €50,000

Three diamond engagement rings from the BAUNAT collection priced above €50,000.

Go for investment diamonds or exclusive coloured diamonds

An engagement ring with an average cost of over €50,000 should not just be considered an exceptionally high diamond but also an investment. The quality requirements for a white investment diamond are: 1.00 to 6.00 carats, D, E or F colour and a clarity higher than the VS2 level mentioned previously. This solitaire ring from our range of exclusive jewellery fulfils the quality requirements, and you will both be blown away by it. You do not have to spend more than €50,000 for a ring with these qualities per se. This exceptionally high-quality ring can be bought for just €15,000.
With this budget, you could go for an exclusive coloured diamond like the yellow cushion cut diamond in this unique entourage ring. But this white gold ring with a pear-shaped pink diamond that you can see here is truly elegant without a doubt.

How is the average price of an engagement ring determined?

1. Materials

A diamond certificate helps determine the price of a diamond engagement ring.

The 4Cs for diamonds

Before discussing the types of engagement ring that you can buy for each price, you need to know which factors determine the price tag. So first, we will consider the 4Cs of diamonds: carat, colour, clarity and cut. The four quality categories for diamonds are shown on a diamond certificate and prove the identity and value of the stone.

When an engagement ring has more than one diamond, the price of each stone is calculated and added separately.
Precious metal hallmarks also influence the average price of an engagement ring.

Precious metal hallmarks

The price of the other raw materials, such as gold or platinum, also influences the total average price of the engagement ring. To be sure of the quality and value of the gold used, it is best to look at the hallmark.
A platinum ring from BAUNAT on a hand. Find out how much this engagement ring will cost.
A ring of 18-carat gold with a composition of 75% gold is the highest standard. A higher gold content in your yellow, white, or red gold ring will make the jewellery too soft.

The best standard for a platinum engagement ring is 95% silver platinum. Keep in mind that platinum is much rarer than other precious metals. This means that the average price of a platinum engagement ring will be higher.

2. Cut

Polishing process

People are increasingly choosing eye-catching cuts like the square princess cut, which has a lower price than the classic round brilliant cut. Antique cuts are also desirable, especially for those who love vintage engagement rings, such as gold rings with a pear-shaped diamond. The average price of these engagement rings is considerably lower compared to a brilliant cut. But the solitaire brilliant remains a timeless choice.

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More unusual engagement rings like these are likely to cost more.


Round brilliant and square princess cut diamonds sparkle the most and are therefore a bit more expensive. But the price difference is also clear to see here, too: the sparkle between the two is barely different, but the princess is often much more affordable than the brilliant cut.

Cuts like the heart-shaped diamond require more effort during the polishing process. The extra degree of craftsmanship required is reflected in the price.

3. Craftsmanship

Craftsman cuts a diamond for an engagement ring, which affects engagement ring prices.
The craftsmanship involved and the design of the engagement ring also influence the total average price. And you if you want to design your beloved’s engagement ring yourself? People are increasingly choosing a completely made-to-measure engagement ring. Do you want to both personalise the ring and keep the price down? Then go for an engraved engagement ring!

How do you find a quality diamond engagement ring without overpaying on the price?

Buy online: there are fewer overheads compared to traditional jewellers

Are you looking for an engagement ring for this year? Then look online first. Smart! The average price of a high-quality engagement ring does not necessarily have to be high. Although rarer diamonds naturally come with a higher price tag than more common ones, you can still make a smart choice by going for the best price to quality ratio.

For example, the price of a diamond engagement ring will be 30-50% less on average online compared to in a physical shop. This is because we do not have to pay overheads for shop maintenance and staff or keep an expensive jewellery stock. Instead, your diamond jewellery is always made by hand to order. So there is no need to buy your engagement ring in an outlet to get a lower than average price.

Only at BAUNAT: direct from the source to your jewellery

BAUNAT buys diamonds directly from the source. Given that we do not have to rely on middlemen such as suppliers and other merchants, then we do not have to pay for them either. This lowers the average price of our engagement rings, and we pass the savings on to you. Therefore, your engagement ring will have a much lower price in our online collection than it would in a traditional shop without compromising on quality.
Diamond mine in Kimberley, South Africa – the quality of the diamond influences the cost of the engagement ring.

Sleep easy: only ethical diamonds

Since people now take the time to research the perfect engagement ring, what the average cost of an engagement ring is no longer at the top of their wish list. Nowadays, factors such as ethical purchasing, durability and quality are prioritised. Most people would rather buy a higher quality ring with a smaller diamond than a larger one that lacks on quality.

Today, the diamond industry aims to use conflict-free diamonds via the Kimberley process, named after the first operational mines opened by De Beers in Kimberley, South Africa. The ethically run mine in the picture is also known as ‘The Big Hole’. Today, it is not only an important economic factor for Kimberley in terms of diamond mining but also attracts plenty of tourists.
Three different types of engagement rings to make your jewellery look bigger – these engagement rings cost less but look beautiful.

Choose wisely: make your jewellery look larger

Now that you know which factors determine the average price of an engagement ring and what you can expect for your predetermined budget, we would like to provide a few savings tips. In most of the examples mentioned in the article, the ring was set with one or more brilliant-cut diamonds. A square princess cut diamond with the same carat weight looks larger, although it is less expensive. A halo or entourage ring is also a good solution for making the centre diamond or other precious stones look bigger. The way that smaller stones surround the centre stone creates the illusion that they are all one large stone. So you can buy an engagement ring at the average price while still getting a diamond that shines brightly!

Men are not the only ones who do ring research. Seventy per cent of women also search for their dream engagement ring. Therefore, it is likely that she might have certain thoughts about the style, look, and price of her engagement ring.
Shop online like this woman to find diamond engagement rings at the best prices.
Men are not the only ones who do ring research. 70% of women also search for their dream engagement ring. It is therefore likely that she will have certain expectations about the style, look, and price of her engagement ring.

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