• Which engagement rings can be engraved?
  • How are rings engraved?
  • What will you have engraved on her engagement ring?

If you think that engravings are only for wedding rings, then you’re mistaken. You can immortalise your marriage proposal with a special message engraved in the precious metal of the engagement ring. You can even engrave the actual proposal, which could come in handy should you, overcome with emotion, be unable to find the right words. Would you like to learn more about engravings and what to engrave on an engagement ring? Find out everything you need to know here.

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Which Engagement Rings Can Be Engraved?

Can a jeweller engrave all kinds of engagement rings? Yes, on the proviso that the ring measures more than two millimetres in width.  Otherwise, it makes no difference whether you have chosen a gold or platinum ring.  You can make a personal engraving on all precious metals. Indeed, it needn't necessarily be the inside of the engagement ring that you have engraved.  The outside of countless ring designs can also bear a beautiful, clearly-visible inscription.
I love diamonds. They are bijou yet immensely valuable.
If, during your quest for an engagement ring, you decide to have it engraved, make sure you know his or her ring size. Should you need to resize the ring, this will damage the engraving.

How Are Rings Engraved?

An engraving comprises groove incisions on a hard surface, which create an inscription or picture on glass, diamonds, gold and countless other materials.  However, an engraving is not a synonym for an etching. With etching,  you acquire the picture or inscription from acid cutting into the material. In contrast, engravings apply the inscription or picture directly onto the material.  The printing technique originated in South-West Germany in the 15th century.

We adopt two methods when engraving an engagement ring: traditional hand engraving and modern laser techniques — the chosen technique largely depends on what exactly you wish to have engraved. Hand engraving is primarily used for smaller engravings, such as a name or date, and are exceptionally hard-wearing. Although, they can be somewhat more expensive as the technique is time-consuming and demands considerable craftsmanship.
With modern laser techniques, the possibilities are endless, and the results meticulous so it is difficult to give an exact price for an engraving. You can even engrave your own handwriting –– there are countless online configuration tools with font types that can depict the final result to perfection.

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What Jewellery Can Be Engraved?

The answer is: all jewellery, whether it’s a bracelet with a quote, a gold pendant with a loving inscription –– it's all possible. Although experience tells us that wedding and engagement rings are the most popular choices for engraving.  Please note: engravings are not possible with a handful of designs, like with some stackable rings. You’ll know we can engrave your jewel if you can tick a specific box on the product page. Can't see it? Please contact the BAUNAT jewellery experts.

What Should I Engrave On an Engagement Ring?

Once you decide to have your beloved’s engagement ring engraved, there are more options than their name, the infinity symbol, the date of your proposal or your fingerprint to choose from. Why not opt for a personal message? Perhaps a lyric from their favourite song, or a quote from her favourite film.  Or you could simply have your proposal engraved on the engagement ring. The last option is a fabulous idea if you opt for, say, a bracelet as an alternative to the traditional engagement ring.

If you’re looking for a heartfelt message,  numerous apps can help you convert your heartbeat into a line drawing,  allowing you to have your heartbeat engraved on her engagement ring. Extremely personal and unbelievably romantic!

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Can an Engraved Ring Be Resized At a Later Date?

In principle, it is possible to have an engraved ring resized so you can have your ring engraved on the inside in advance. However, there is no guarantee that the engraving shall remain intact should the ring be resized.  The engraving might have to be redone following the resizing.  Another option is to have an engraving removed, should you wish so. Please enquire with our BAUNAT experts.

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Not Quite Sure?

Are you worried an engraving could damage your stunning engagement ring? Please rest assured. The experienced BAUNAT jewellers know what they are doing and can effortlessly engrave a personal inscription in your ring. Make an appointment in one of our showrooms to have an engraving made, or to find out further details.

What Else Should I Know About Engagement Rings?

Naturally, there is a great deal more to discover about engagement rings. Which design will you choose? How did the engagement ring come about? Or, which alternatives to engagement rings are there? You can find this out, and much more, in the blogs below.

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