An engagement ring is a purchase for one of the most beautiful moments in a couple's life, but the price has to be right too. How expensive an engagement ring is depends on many factors. The range goes from a few hundred euros to six or even seven-figure sums. We explain how the price of an engagement ring is calculated.

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What influence does the material have on the price of the engagement ring?

Engagement rings are usually made of precious metals ranging from silver to gold in various colours and platinum. In the case of precious metals, it is the so-called fineness that determines the price. It is stated in thousandths. The admixture of other metals is called alloy. A rather inferior 333 gold contains only one third of pure gold, two thirds are other base metals. In contrast, 750 gold, a high quality alloy, contains three quarters of gold and only one quarter of other metals.

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Other metals are added to influence the colour, e.g. to obtain red gold or white gold, but also to increase the stability. Pure 999 gold would be too soft to make jewellery, like an engagement ring, for example.

The more precious and scarce the metal, and the more of this precious metal is used, the higher the price of the engagement ring. A wide platinum engagement ring costs more than a delicate engagement ring in gold, which in turn has a higher price than a silver ring.

You can save on the material, but at the expense of the resale value and often also the durability of the ring. An investment in a valuable precious metal pays off and ensures that you will enjoy your engagement ring for a lifetime. The price of thechosen precious metal usually only makes up a small part of the total price, because the main value in an engagement ring is determined according to the gemstone used.
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What makes an engagement ring expensive and influences the price the most?

The largest cost factor in an average engagement ring is the diamond, or the combination of the diamonds and other gemstones set in the ring. Diamonds are just as beautiful as they are scarce. Only a fraction of the global production is suitable for jewellery crafting. The majority of the diamonds suitable for jewellery show minor or major flaws, only very few of them are perfect.

The price of a colourless diamond is defined by the 4C’s. The more carat, i.e. the larger the diamond, the whiter the colour, the higher the clarity and the better the cut and proportions, the more expensive the engagement ring in which this diamond is set.

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Here you can save cleverly, because in everyday life a perfect diamond in colour D/E, with flawless clarity (IF or FL) and excellent cut cannot be distinguished from a cheaper and equally impressive stone in colour G/H, clarity SI1/VS2, and a Very Good cut. Only a professional can tell the difference on close inspection.

The easiest way to answer the question "How much does an engagement ring cost?" is by looking at the price of the diamond(s). A solitaire engagement ring with a larger stone of particularly good quality will quickly become expensive. An alternative would be a trilogy engagement ring, for example. for the price of such ring is lower for the same carat weight, because e.g. the price for 3 smaller diamonds with a total weight of 1 carat is less than that of one single diamond of 3 carat.

It is also important where you buy the engagement ring. For world-famous brands with a large number of expensive shops in inner-city locations, the price is usually much higher than at a digital native company that focuses on E-commerce and buys the diamonds at the source.
Engagement ring with several diamonds  - An engagement ring with several smaller diamonds is often less expensive than a solitaire ring.

How expensive should an engagement ring be?

It is important that you canafford the engagement ring and that your loved one is happy with it. Fixed rules on how many monthly salaries should be invested are more marketing than real guidelines.

In Europe, the average price for an engagement ring is around € 2.500. In Germany and Austria it’s slightly less, in Switzerland slightly more. This corresponds roughly to a 0,50 carat solitaire ring.

How much your engagement ring may cost is up to you to decide. You should neither go into debt nor be miserly with probably the most important ring that a woman will ever have put on her finger. In contrast to consumer goods, the investment in an engagement ring is always an investment of lasting value, and a beautiful one in particular.

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