What do you consider to be the perfect diamond? A square cut with flawless brilliance? Then the radiant cut diamond is more than worth a look. This diamond cut was developed not so long ago, but is already very popular. As many as 70 precisely cut facets break and reflect the light, just like a classic brilliant. Perfect proportions and flawless symmetry give the radiant cut diamond that distinctive look.


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Radiant cut diamond - BAUNAT

What characterizes the brilliant radiant cut?

The radiant cut is a rectangular cut with 70 facets. This cut combines the brilliance of the round brilliant with the elegance of the emerald shape. The corners are slightly rounded, making the diamond less vulnerable and it therefore not only has a higher wearing comfort, but also a longer life span.

The history of the radiant cut

The radiant cut diamond is the creation of Henry Grossbard. He was part of The Radiant Cut Diamond Company and in 1977, he breathed new life into existing, old cuts. There were already rectangular diamond shapes, but they reflected little light and always looked a bit dull. The radiant cut diamond, on the other hand, equals the sublime brilliance of the brilliant, which is the most magnificent and expensive diamond cut.
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The difference between the radiant cut and the cushion cut

The radiant cut is sometimes confused with the cushion cut. This makes sense, as this cut is also square, but there are some differences between the two. The cushion cut is more rounded due to large facets with rounded corners. This cut places less emphasis on the brilliance of the diamond, but more on the colour.
A white gold ring with a princess cut diamond - BAUNAT

Radiant cut versus princess cut

The princess cut is also sometimes compared to the radiant cut. However, the princess cut has fewer facets than the radiant cut, namely 58. As a result, the cut has less sparkle. The corners are also a bit sharper, making the stone more fragile.

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The radiance of a radiant cut diamond

Unique, that's the best way to describe the radiant cut diamond. This hybrid cut combines the characteristics of a brilliant with a step diamond or step-cuts, where the facets descend in a stepped cut. It goes without saying that such a versatile design guarantees a playful sparkle of light, and a unique look. The different cuts form a high-quality end result that equals the brilliance of a brilliant.
"A diamond will always be an unforgettable gift."

Famous radiant cut diamonds

Jewels often, if not always, have an emotional value. Especially jewellery with diamonds appeal to the imagination and fit into just about all the important phases in our lives. The radiant cut diamond is without a doubt the ideal engagement or wedding ring. The angular cut shape gives your ring a chic and festive look. Famous stars celebrated the most romantic period of their lives with a radiant cut diamond. Both Drew Barrymore, Khloé Kardashian and Meghan Fox are all too happy to show off their radiant cut engagement ring to the camera.

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What other cuts are available?

The radiant cut is the most brilliant cut among the square cuts and equals the brilliant. You can use the radiant cut as a central stone in a halo ring, for example. Would you rather prefer a different cut for your diamond? View our other options below.
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