When I hear the term brilliant, it will always reminds me of my grandmother. Filled with pride, she used to show me her brilliant engagement ring. I used to think a brilliant was more exclusive and more expensive than a diamond, but now I have my facts straight. The term ‘Brilliant’ and ‘Diamond’ are switched a lot, I am surely not the only one that was misconceived. To end all future misconception I will explain the difference between a diamond and a brilliant.

Simply put, diamond is the (gem)stone and brilliant is the way the (gem)stone is cut. A brilliant is a round diamond, the most sold and the most popular diamond cut to date. Hence the confusion, most of us immediately think about a round brilliant when they hear the word diamond. Quite unsurprisingly, since it is the most beautiful diamond cut. The brilliant cut divides the diamond in 57 facets to maximize the amount of reflected light. Of all diamond cuts, the brilliant cut has the most vivid sparkle. That is why brilliant earrings, necklaces, bracelets or rings are always the perfect gift.

What woman would not like to be asked for her hand with a luxurious brilliant solitaire engagement ring? For men, it is a very safe choice, but one to guarantee success. At BAUNAT we have a wide range of brilliant engagement rings.

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