• When do we refer to an engagement ring as fine?
  • What are the advantages?
  • What are the disadvantages?

Fine, finer, finest ... fine jewellery is a trend which regularly makes way for bigger statement jewellery. This also includes engagement rings. Some women may like to show off a huge diamond ring on their finger, whilst others prefer something a little more subtle. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a subtle engagement ring like that?

When do we refer to an engagement ring as fine?

Before we take a more detailed look at the advantages and disadvantages, it’s important for you to know what we mean by a fine engagement ring. The standard width of an engagement ring is 2.5 mm. However, fine engagement rings fluctuate between 1.5 and 2 mm. When you click on a ring in the extensive collection of engagement rings, you will see these details listed with the product properties.

Fine engagement rings are extremely comfortable. And less weight also means less precious metal, which means you won’t need to pay as much for fine engagement rings!

What are the advantages?

So as stated, the first advantage is the price. Although you could spend the budget you are left over with on a larger diamond. It goes without saying you can certainly also go for a smaller diamond. The diamond will already look bigger as a result of the ring being finer. Choosing a finer engagement ring is therefore a handy trick for making the diamond look bigger.

Does your future wife have fine fingers? Then a finer engagement ring is most definitely a good idea. So make sure you take a good look at her hands and decide which ring would suit her best, based on the shape of her hands.

What are the disadvantages?

Of course there is never an advantage without a disadvantage. Finer engagement rings are more sensitive. So make sure you opt for a durable precious metal like platinum. However, platinum does weigh more than gold, although this is negligible when you choose a fine engagement ring. It’s important to always wear and look after finer engagement rings with the appropriate level of care, as they are more delicate.

Advise your fiancée to safely store her ring in a safe during your holidays. Sand, sea water and swimming pool water will not benefit the ring.

You will find fine, standard and wide rings in BAUNAT’s collection of engagement rings. Would you like some help choosing? Then contact our expects via telephone, email or chat.


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