Are you looking for a spectacular engagement ring for your proposal? A whopper that she can't say no to? We like to share our tips in finding the perfect engagement ring, as well as a few tricks in how to go large. How can you make her engagement ring appear bigger than it is? Read on!

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How to make her engagement ring appear bigger than it is with a 'halo'?

Did you know that 'halo' is a term that is primarily used in meteorology and astronomy? A halo is a natural phenomenon where a circle of light surrounds the sun or moon. In the world of jewellery and diamonds a halo comprises a ring of smaller diamonds that encircles a large central stone. How does the halo make her engagement ring appear bigger than it is? The brilliance from all the stones creates the illusion of one impressive diamond.

The halo setting that looks like an aureole was devised in the 1920s and as such is ideal for those looking for a vintage engagement ring. Are you a bit light in the pocket at the moment with your budget for her engagement ring? If so, why not have a couple of extra side stones added at a later date?

Silence may be golden, but diamonds are worth a yell of happiness.
Or, you could opt for a pavé setting. Small stones are placed as close to each other as possible, to create extra brilliance.  By combining a centre diamond with small diamonds it immediately seems bigger than it is.

It's not just with the pavé setting that you can create an optical illusion. The bezel setting too makes your centre diamond appear bigger than it is.  Bezel actually refers to the way in which the stone is kept in place. With a bezel setting the diamond is encased as it were by the precious metal. Not only does your diamond appear to be bigger but it is protected even more against friction and damage.  An added bonus!

How to combine other rings to create a bigger effect?

How can you make her engagement ring appear bigger than it is without making adjustments to the ring you have in mind?  Combine other rings. Choose for, say, a wedding ring that fits the bill perfectly. When the difference between the engagement and wedding ring is minimal,  the entirety will appear sleek, elegant and large.  If this idea appeals to you, opt for the same precious metal for both rings.
How to make an engagement ring look bigger?
Although, combining rings made of different precious metals can also result in an exceptional eye catcher. So be sure to get advice from the experts when buying her engagement ring.

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What if the ring appears smaller over time?

No, a diamond cannot physically shrink in size.  But if she wears her engagement ring on a daily basis the centre diamond may appear smaller over time.  This is usually down to smuts or stains that mean the diamond sparkles less, irrespective of the number of caratsit has.

How then to make the diamond appear bigger again? Clean it in lukewarm soapy water, using white soap and a soft brush.

Even by simply not wearing the ring for a short while, it will suddenly appear bigger.  It is a fact nowadays that we soon get used to daily things whereby even unique items start to look commonplace.

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What other engagement ring options are there?

You needn't necessarily combine other rings to make the engagement ring appear bigger than it is. You could simply combine several diamonds on one ring. With smaller carat weights you also save on cost price too. These blogs will tell you all you need to know about the average cost price of an engagement ring and Toi & Moi trilogy rings.

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