Many men and women who visit the BAUNAT showroom in Antwerp, Paris or Geneva ask us this very question. And whether you buy your diamond engagement ring online or in a regular jewellery shop, it remains an important matter!

Engagement rings

Although customs may vary across the world, in most Western countries a diamond engagement ring is worn on the ring finger of the left hand, the hand closest to the heart. When married, the diamond wedding band will be worn together with the engagement ring on the same finger, with the wedding band closest to the heart.

In several regions, traditions and religions, the engagement ring and/or wedding band is worn on the 4th finger of the right hand.

On which finger you slide on her diamond engagement ring is a very personal matter, one that symbolises the  eternal love between you and your beloved.

Right hand rings

What if women who are not engaged would like to enjoy the beauty of classic or avant-garde diamond rings? It goes without saying that our offer of online diamond jewellery is unrestricted and we provide each and every woman with the opportunity of buying diamond jewellery at the best possible prices.

Although some women may have different personal preferences, such rings, which do not serve any purpose as an engagement or wedding ring, are often worn on the middle finger of the right hand.

Signet rings

The tradition of wearing signet rings, showing the family crest, varies around the world. In Belgium, men and women both wear signet rings on the little finger of their left hand. In the UK however, only men do so. In Switzerland, men wear signet rings on the ring finger of their right hand, while in France men use the ring finger of their left hand and women use the little finger of their left hand.

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