Summer is the ideal time to shine on the beach. You can show off fashionable bikinis, striking fedoras and stunning accessories.  Of course, you want to parade your stunning diamond engagement ring as well. After all, an engagement ring goes perfectly with a sundress! But is wearing your engagement ring on the beach a good idea?

Even though you expose your diamond engagement rings to grains of sand when you’re on the beach, it will not have any significant effect on the diamond(s). However, you need to be careful so the sand doesn’t  scratch the precious metal. Also, sand grains can get stuck between the diamond(s) setting and precious metals. Professional cleaning is the solution here –– we advise you not to attempt cleaning your ring at home as you could accidentally scratch the metal or dull the diamond’s sparkle.

With those tropical beach temperatures, you would probably love to take a refreshing dip in the sea. But beware! The cold water makes your fingers shrink, and there is a risk that your diamond engagement ring will slide into the sea. Trust us, finding a ring on the bottom of the sea is next to impossible. The same goes for the pool, however, the chance of you finding your engagement ring there is higher.

We’d advise you to stay out of the sea if you have a rose gold diamond engagement ring. Rose gold gets its beautiful colour from copper, which is extremely sensitive to salt. However, if you want that sun kissed skin, using fake tan is perfectly fine. Tanning creams will not affect the ring. The ring will only get greasy, and you can easily clean it with warm soapy water and a soft brush. 

Many women think they do well by 'saving' their engagement ring on the beach in a plastic bag to protect it against sand, seawater, etc. However, this is not a good idea. A diamond ring must be able to breathe and plastic will suffocate it, which certainly will not be beneficial for the ring!

Caution is the message, but the best solution is to store the diamond engagement ring in the safe in your hotel room instead of wearing it to the beach. This way, you can still show it off in the evening during dinner.

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