One trend in jewellery is mixing and matching several rings. Hence why stacking, or combination, rings are totally in. These are various individual rings, possibly in different precious metals or colours, which you mix and match to your heart's content and wear all on the same finger. We have advice on how you can be part of this stylish trend.

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What are stackable rings?

Mixing and matching several rings is easy using stackable rings - BAUNAT
Stackable rings, or combination rings, is when several individual rings are worn together, often on the same finger. Since they look similar, they always match, and you can therefore mix rings up as you prefer. The rings are often fairly plain and simple, but together they form a beautiful and unique whole.

How should I mix and match rings?

For best results when wearing several rings on the same hand, always choose specially designed combination rings. These are stackable rings with a slim band and plain setting. But plain does not have to mean inconspicuous. Because when you wear several together, attention is drawn immediately to the beautiful rings you are wearing that day. You can be as creative as you wish.
Stackable rings come in all kinds of different styles
This is what makes stackable rings so popular: you can come up with a new combination every day using the various rings you have. At the same time, you don't have to worry whether the style of your rings is going to clash. The rings were specially designed to be worn together and always form a beautiful whole. They always fit and match each other perfectly, as it were.
Mixing and matching rings is simple using stackable rings
You can, of course, also "stack" other rings you have. You also need to watch it doesn't get too gaudy with several rings together. Sapphire rings are best worn with a plain diamond ring If you want to mix and match your eternity ring, choose a second eternity ring in a different colour. We do not, however, recommend you wear extra rings with statement rings, as they will distract.

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Wear several rings in various precious metals

Is there a particular design of stackable ring which really catches your eye? Then you are in luck, as any combination ring can usually be purchased in various precious metals. This means you get to wear that gorgeous design on your finger two, three or even four times.

The trick to mixing and matching precious metals beautifully is fairly simple: you just wear what you like. Is there one precious metal in particular that you like? Then go mainly for stackable rings in that colour, and any other precious metals as an accent. Or let the creative spirit in you go wild and have combination rings in every colour. Fortunately, that time when all jewellery had to be made of the same metal is long gone.

Which style are you wanting to achieve?

Carefully stacking rings actually goes with any style, without dominating - therefore: less is more! Flamboyant piles of rings can often be very annoying, especially just day to day. That is why thin, plain rings are perfect here.

You can also create a specific, modern look by stacking rings on your thumb. Whether you choose a striking ring or a great combination, the emphasis on the thumb is new, and therefore very interesting.

Trendy or not, your personal style is distinct and always reflects your own sense of style and personality. Choose one basic ring to act as a showpiece among the others. This means your personality can shine out with elegance.
It takes courage and creativity to combine various designs and materials into one beautiful set

Which combination rings are right for which occasions?

Mixing and matching several rings with a sapphire ring - BAUNAT
As you can mix and match rings yourself, it is very easy to adapt your stackable rings to any occasion. Go for fewer rings for the day-to-day, and keep them plain. Special event coming up? Be bold, and mingle in a more striking ring with a beautiful sapphire, for instance. You can literally go anywhere you like with your mix and match rings.

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Nowadays, you can perfectly well mix and match wedding rings, too. Most brides choose the following order:
  • wedding ring
  • engagement ring
  • eternity ring
The last one is usually given to mark motherhood or an anniversary. You can, of course, decide for yourself which are the most significant rings to mix and match.

Giving a number of rings for mixing and matching together can be a nice present, and you can always celebrate future important dates by adding jewellery, too. Matching rings on a wedding anniversary or on first becoming a mother are a very precious gift. Also, several matching engagement rings can show that love is still alive.

How much do stackable rings cost?

Stackable rings cost between €300 and €2,000 at BAUNAT. This vast range depends mainly on the precious metal used and the number of precious stones it has. You pay much less of course for a white gold braided ring with no gemstone than for a rose gold ring with 12 diamonds or an eternity ring. On the other hand, this lets you mix and match rings easily within your budget.

What other designs of ring are also worth a look?

Stackable or combination rings are a fun way to add colour and sparkle to your outfit. Is mixing and matching several rings not quite your thing? Then take a further look below at other types of rings.

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