Are you planning to propose to your loved one? Then you're probably looking for the ultimate engagement ring to make your engagement perfect. For an elegant woman, you can opt for a sophisticated, thin engagement ring.

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Thin engagement rings with or without a precious stone

The different ring thicknesses

Engagement rings are available in different thicknesses, and each thickness has its pros and cons. You should also consider the diameter of the ring. The larger the diameter, the thicker the ring must be to reduce the risk of breaking. Check your fiance's ring size with our ring sizer. Most thin engagement rings have a thickness of 1.2 to 2 millimetres.

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A 1.2 mm thick ring

A ring with this thickness is very fragile. It is suitable for very fine and sober designs without a stone

A 1.4 mm thick ring

This thickness combines well with a classic design and a small, light stone. If your ring has a large diameter, this is a better thickness to prevent the ring from getting damaged.

A 1.6 mm thick ring

This is one of the most chosen thicknesses because it still provides a narrow thin ring, but is also sturdy enough to handle different designs. So you can use it as a base for different models, with or without a stone.

A 1.8 mm thick ring

This ring is a bit thicker, and you will feel it around your finger sooner. This thickness offers good support and can therefore handle a lot of designs, even with several larger stones.

A 2 mm thick ring

This thickness makes your ring extra noticeable, and suits people with longer fingers in particular.You can use it in all sorts of ways, but large stones make the whole even heavier. We often opt for several small diamonds.

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Wide diamond engagement ring
At a thickness of 2 to 9 millimetres, we speak of a wide engagement ring. These engagement rings are often chosen for people with long and slightly broader fingers. Thanks to their larger surface area, your fine details can be beautifully emphasized and engravings also come into their own.

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Various thin engagement rings

Which women should wear a thin engagement ring?

If your fiancé has small and thin hands and fingers with a small ring size, a thin engagement ring is considered best. The plain and classic wedding ring looks extremely good with a narrow band. Before you make a choice, look at the other jewellery your fiancé often wears. If these include heavier, eye-catching rings and other jewellery, a thin engagement ring will soon become lost among the rest. A thin engagement ring doesn't really fit in with an extravagant style. So take a good look at your fiancé's wardrobe and jewellery box before you make a choice.

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The benefits of a thin engagement ring

A thin engagement ring is often a tad cheaper because less precious metal is required to manufacture the ring. So if you have a rather limited budget, you will be better off with a narrower engagement ring and then you can opt for subtle details such as an engraving. Moreover, a thin engagement ring is a lot easier to maintain because there are no fragile details. However, the band itself is more fragile because it is so narrow.

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