Also this season, fine jewellery is very popular, as well as fine diamond engagement rings.

Women again prefer more subtle jewellery, though this does not apply to the diamond itself. This may be big. Smaller diamonds appear to look bigger when set in a fine ring.  

A good choice for men with a limited budget. This is just one of the advantages of fine engagement rings. But of course advantages have their disadvantages. We dig a little bit deeper into it.

What is a fine engagement ring?

Before we clarify the advantages and disadvantages of fine engagement rings, it is important to know what the main features are. The standard width of an engagement ring is 2.5 mm. Fine models however vary between 1.5 and 2.5 mm. Fine rings are particularly sensitive. Therefore choose a sustainable noble metal: both platinum as well as yellow-, white- and red gold are good, silver is not recommended.


Fine engagement rings are comfortable to wear. Less weight also means that one needs less precious metal to manufacture the ring, which of course affects the price. Which is extra budget to spend on diamond(s). However, a smaller diamond is not a problem. Because of the fine ring, the diamond looks much bigger than it really is. Finally we can say that fine engagement rings are suitable for those who have slender fingers.


Fine rings are more delicate. So handle with extra care. Do not for example take them with you on a holiday but put them in a safe. By re-polishing the precious metal, you will make the ring even weaker. So try to avoid this. Fine engagement rings may look pretty on a slender finger, the opposite applies for someone with long fingers.

At BAUNAT we are specialized in engagement rings, from fine models to extravagant rings, intended for every type of women. 

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