By simple, we mean that cute dainty fine engagement ring that delicately ornates your hand while still making a style statement. Indeed, these types of engagement rings are still popular and we believe they will continue being popular for quite a while. Here’s why:

  • Simple engagement rings: what makes them popular
  • Advantage and disadvantages of having a simple engagement ring

Simple engagement rings: what makes them popular

Simple engagement rings are delicate and subtle which is ideal for today’s professional women who love wearing their jewellery and do so on a daily basis. A fine engagement ring allows you to wear it day in and day out, as it is not the type of engagement ring that has to stay in the safe because it is too big.

This subtleness is also popular amongst women who love more discrete jewellery that add that extra bit of sparkle without being too noticeable. They are also very popular amongst the fashionistas who love thinner engagement rings so that they can stack several rings together on the same finger.

A simple engagement ring that can be stacked for a modern look, made by BAUNAT.

Advantage and disadvantages of having a simple engagement ring

On average, dainty simple engagement rings have a shank that is between 1.5 to 2.5 mm wide. This has both advantages and disadvantages that are related to comfort, weight, budget and more.

A thinner engagement ring is a lovely idea if you want a lighter ring, that is also comfortable as it takes less space on your finger. Furthermore, less metal means a lower budget on the ring that can be spent on diamonds. Another option mentioned earlier is the stackable style. With a thinner simple engagement ring, you can easily stack it with your wedding ring as well as one or two other special celebration rings, creating one beautiful piece of jewellery.

On the other hand, depending on the level of activity in your life, a fine ring may be a little fragile to some extent so it should be handled with care when undertaking extreme activities. That is why strong metals such as platinum and 18kt yellow, white or red gold are always more suitable for simple engagement rings.

Are you looking for a simple dainty engagement ring? BAUNAT is the jewellery specialist you are looking for. Not only we offer a wide range of designer engagement rings, but also a lovely collection of simple engagement rings that you can wear alone or combined with other rings.

Do not hesitate to browse through our extensive online collection and to contact us should you require guidance in your choice.

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